Rahul Gandhi Relishes Onam Sadhya At Gandhi Bhavan Sneharamam
Image Credit: Photo: incindia

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was on a 3-day visit to his parliamentary constituency Wayanad in Kerala. Rahul Gandhi also inaugurated a Farmers’ Day Program in which he felicitated agriculturists at Karassery Bank Auditorium. There were also other inauguration ceremonies and other projects on the agenda during the visit to Wayanad. 

Alongside attending important inaugurations, Rahul Gandhi met the residents of an old age home which is named Gandhi Bhavan Sneharamam. It is located in Wandoor in Malappuram district; one of the 14 districts of Kerala.  As the festival of Onam is in full swing in the south since it began on 12 August, Rahul Gandhi also sat down to devour the feast which is known as Onam Sadhya with the residents. Images have surfaced on the Internet, in which the Congress leader can be seen eating the dishes which are traditionally served on a banana leaf.

Onam is celebrated with dance, aarti, decorations and singing in Kerala. Further on, eating the Onam Sadhya together signifies harmony and communion. It is believed that the festival of Onam is celebrated to honour the noble and immortal ruler, King Mahabali, and spread his message of benevolence. According to legend, he was sent to Earth by Lord Vishnu. People adorn their homes with flowers and make the delicious Onam Sadhya, which consists of a variety of traditional vegetarian dishes, such as curries (sambar, rasam, avial, thoran, olan to name a few), mango pickle, lime pickle, plantain chips, plain curd and buttermilk. Payasam is served at the end of the meal. It is believed that the dishes are served in a particular order, and 24-28 dishes are included to ensure that the guest tastes everything. People are also asked to sit cross-legged on mats. The food is eaten on a banana leaf, without cutlery. 

The festival of Onam is set to end on 23 August. 

Which is your favourite dish in Onam Sadhya?