Probe Across Hyderabad Restaurants Finds Unhygienic Food Items
Image Credit: Twitter (X)

Another blow to restaurants in Hyderabad, Telangana, as the new probe unveiled unhygienic practices for storing food. On May 22, 2024, the task force of the Food Safety Department in the state raided multiple restaurants across Banjara Hills, a locality popular for food joints, and the investigation unveiled unhygienic conditions making the department as well as customers question the quality of food among other things.

From finding expired food products to witnessing the storage of items in an unhygienic space, the task force was not happy with the vendors and restaurant owners breaking food safety issues. Such rampant reports across the country are making people question every food item they are purchasing or every eatery they are eating in. 

Expired Food Items Found In Hyderabad Restaurants

The Twitter handle of the Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana, shared the findings on the social media platform. When they raided Labonel Fine Baking, the task force found one packet each of White and Monalisa Dark chocolate Crispearls to be expired. Items worth Rs 4170 were discarded.

Next, they found imported bottles of American Garden Vinegar apple cider but they were missing the labels for Imported and FSSAI license or logo. The department found four such bottles and seized them. Not only that, the Medical Fitness Certificate of Food Handlers also expired in March 2024, and it was not renewed after that.

Baskin Robbins Raided In Hyderabad’s Banjara Hills

Baskin Robbins is among the most popular brands of frozen desserts. They are considered to be selling among the highest quality ice cream flavours, but not in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. When the task force raided one of the outlets in the locality, they found a 66 pc pack of expired Horn While Chocolate stored in the refrigerator. The team immediately discarded them.

The task force asked the outlet to show their Food Handler’s Medical Fitness Certificates, but they could not present them. “The FBO (Food Business Operator) claims to possess them at the Head Office.”

When the task force visited Manam Chocolate Karkhana, they found no issue. They were happy to announce that the joint was complying with all the FSSAI regulations. It looks like a win for customers as well as the food department. 

Expired Spice Mixtures And Dairy Products Found

On May 21, 2024, the task force conducted surprise inspections of restaurants in the Somajiguda area. The probe at Kritunga - The Palegar’s Cuisines found expired 6 kg methi malai paste worth Rs 1800. They also found improperly labelled non-veg paste, paneer, and citric acid. 

Not just that, the department also seized water bottles worth Rs 7800 because they were found to contain TDS. The samples were immediately sent to labs. Food handlers with no gloves, haircaps, aprons, and media fitness certificates raise alarms. 

In addition to this, the refrigerator was filled with raw and semi-cooked food items which were not even labelled. The premises of the kitchen were open to the outside environment and had no settling to avoid the entry of flies or pests. Dustbins were also kept open.     

Synthetic Food Colours Being Used In Hyderabad Restaurants

While inspecting Head Quarters Rest-o-Bar, the task force found the food handlers using synthetic colours to make the dishes appeal to customers. They immediately discarded the items. 

They also found five packets of garlic bread, 50 packets of pizza base and 5 kg of noodles unlabelled. Veg, as well as non-veg food items, were stored uncovered in an unhygienic condition in the refrigerator. Food handlers were found without safety gear, and the kitchen seems to be open to welcoming pests and flies.