Hyderabad’s Karachi Bakery Found Selling Expired Food Products

The iconic Karachi Bakery in Hyderabad, known for its Osmania biscuits and other baked treats, was most recently under the FSSAI’s scanner for selling expired food products. The Food Safety Commissioner for Telangana, who ordered a raid at the bakery’s Moazzam Jahi market outlet, also paid a visit to the popular Bilal Ice Cream Parlour in the same locality, where they found discrepancies in the quality of food products up for sale. In an official announcement on the commissioner’s Twitter (now X) handle, details of the raid were shared.

While food safety officials found expired stocks of rusk, chocolate cake, biscuits, candy, toasts and buns worth ₹5,200 at the bakery and discarded them, authorities also noted that ‘use by’ dates were not displayed on the food products, thereby violating the FSSAI regulation. Besides these unlabelled products, officials also found Bilal Ice Cream Parlour to be operating without a license or registration, along with selling water bottles from fake brands. As Hyderabad continues to reel under the poor quality of food products as well as multiple adulteration issues, the recent set of incidents are of an alarming proportion for consumers.

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Food safety officials have also been conducting regulatory checks in other localities of the city like Banjara Hills, Gachibowli and Himayat Nagar, simultaneously issuing notices and taking strict action against those found guilty. In a slew of occurrences, authorities had  discovered four different eateries at the Sarath City Mall to be violating food safety regulations – where issues like the quality of cooking oil, fake consumer products and unhygienic food practices were spotlighted.