Food Safety Lapses In Hyderabad Leaves Diners Nervous
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As food safety officials bring multiple eateries across the city of Hyderabad under the scanner for questionable hygiene and safety standards, the results of these inspections continue to shake up enthusiastic foodies who might enjoy eating out. Most recently, food safety authorities conducted surprise inspections at the restaurants – Rayalaseema Ruchulu and Shah Ghose – where beetle-infested flour was found, along with expired milk, storage containers that stocked vegetarian and non-vegetarian food together as well as blocked drains and water stagnation in the kitchens.

Among other issues that came to light during the surprise checks were reused oil, stale food, vegetables infested with fungus and pests as well as an absence of hair caps and gloves for staff that handled food products. The unending list of horrors went further since these high-end joints also operated around open dustbins, unlabelled and expired food items and with sub-standard water quality. As the increasing number of complaints from consumers mentioned the deteriorating quality of food, officials at the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation decided to shut down eateries as well as issue a list of guidelines for diners.

In addition to this, the Telengana chapter of the National Restaurant Association of India has announced their efforts towards encouraging more restaurants and eateries to attend workshops undertaken by the FSSAI – where sessions will be discussing topics like when to discard food, food quality and storage, hygiene and label reading. As per the FSSAI guidelines, covered garbage bins with operated pedals to open the lid must be used in the food preparation area and also have separate storage facilities for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Food containers must be placed at least 15 centimetres above ground level at all times, as per the issued guidelines along with personal hygiene measures given for all staff members.

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The food safety measures also state that contamination of food items must be avoided by refraining the spraying of pesticides or harmful chemicals around food products, and also have proper provision for waste drainage and disposal. In the list of restaurants that were flagged for poor or questionable food safety standards were:

  • Cream Stone
  • Naturals Ice cream
  • Karachi Bakery
  • KFC
  • Roastery Coffee
  • House Rayalaseema
  • Ruchulu Shah
  • Ghouse Kamat Hotel
  • 36 Downtown Brew Pub
  • Makau Kitchen and Bar
  • Air Live
  • Taco Bell
  • Aha Dakshin
  • Sizzling Joe
  • Khansaab
  • Hotel Sukh Sagar Veg Restaurant
  • Jumbo King Burgers
  • Ratnadeep Retail Store