Prince William Serves Up Earthshot Burgers With Indian Touch
Image Credit: Twitter/KensingtonRoyal

Prince William, now the Prince of Wales and first-in-line to the British throne after King Charles III, recently showed off what a foodie and dedicated philanthropist he is while serving the people of London some lipsmacking vegetarian burgers. In a recent video released on social media, the 41-year-old royal can not only be seen working out of a food van near London Bridge, but also talking about how the burgers are related to India. 

The video revealed how everyone from the people coming up to the food van to the team from the YouTube channel, Sorted Food, were smitten by the burger-flipping talent and quiet charm of Prince William. The dish on offer was called the Earthshot Burger, a potato-based burger packed with the flavours of chillies, ginger, garlic and pickled vegetables. “#Earthshot Burger anyone? Great fun teaming up with @sortedfood to share an extra special recipe using some of our extraordinary 2022 @EarthshotPrize solutions,” Prince William’s team tweeted. 

For those who don’t know, Prince William is a patron of the Earthshot Prize along with David Attenborough. Launched in 2020, the Earthshot Prize is awarded to five winners from across the globe every year for their contribution to the environmentalism, work on the climate crisis and saving the planet for future generations. What makes the Earthshot Burger so popular, Prince William explains, is the fact that every aspect of the dish is supported by three of the winners of the Earthshot Prize in 2022. 

“So, the box you're about to eat in is built (by) a company called Notpla and there's no plastic involved, they've come up with a seaweed coating," Prince William explained to the customers at the food van. "The ingredients inside the burger are grown from a greenhouse in India from a company called Kheyti, and last but not least the way we cook them has been on a thing called Mukuru Clean Stoves, and that is designed by a lady in Kenya who came up with the concept to reduce air pollution.” 

The Indian touch in the Earthshot Burger is therefore provided by the food ingredients used to prepare the dish, all of which were sourced from Kheyti’s Greenhouse-In-A-Box. Kheyti is a Hyderabad-based agricultural startup that collaborates with over 500 farmers across Telangana. The goal of Kheyti is to work with small-scale farmers increase their yield with low-cost and organic farming solutions. While it is quite interesting to see Prince William and his team prepare delicious Earthshot Burgers with Kheyti’s ingredients, we wonder what other healthy and sustainable dishes can be cooked up using the same ingredients.