Prince William Fed Homeless During COVID In Secret, Here’s How
Image Credit: POOL/AFP via Getty Images

In his first interview, since becoming heir to the throne, Prince William has opened up to The Times about his philanthropic activities during the pandemic and since. He has stated that as the heir it is his mission to end homelessness in the UK and that he’s been inspired by his mother, Princess Diana’s, compassion for the homeless in pursuing this goal. 

During the COVID lockdown, The Prince Of Wales worked closely with a charity called The Passage which provided care and necessary supplies to the homeless during those difficult times. Reportedly, during those times he worked unnoticed and in secret to provide for the needy. To do so, he prepared and served food wearing a face

Mick Clarke, a representative of The Passage told The Times that the Prince often participates in a lot of charitable activities away from the prying eyes of the press. He says that the Prince prefers to interact with real people and hear their stories, which has inspired his drive to make lasting changes. Clarke reports that he would work alongside the volunteers, chopping carrots, boxing up food, washing up and even delivering food to their destinations – much to the surprise of the recipients. 

The Prince has mentioned that there’s a larger plan in the works, the details of which are as yet unknown but he has revealed plans for a social housing project for the Duchy Of Cornwall, a 130,000 acre estate which he now controls. And earlier this week, he opened Reuben House on behalf of Centrepoint – another charity to house the homeless. This 33-block property of studio apartments in South-East London will have rents set at one third of the resident’s income for a more affordable, realistic solution to homelessness.

Though its been nearly 3 decades since his mother Princess Diana has passed, he still cites her actions as his motivation, remembering the time she took him to a homeless shelter at the age of 11. He hopes to set a similar example for his own children and is reportedly waiting for the right time to introduce Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis to the world of philanthropy.