How To Make Burgers At Home? Tips For A Delicious Restaurant-Style Burger
Image Credit: Make delicious burgers with ease at home.

Honest confession: I love burgers. Do you want to know the reason? Apart from the fact that burgers are delicious and juicy, I also love the fact that you don’t have to share burgers with anyone. The juicy veg or meaty patty dunked between two soft and crispy buns is what makes my heart melt each time. Often times, when I crave for a good burger, I head out to fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King. These global American chains are well-known around the world for their burgers and fries. Since you acquire the taste of something, you mentally start comparing it with your previous experience to assess what is better. 

That’s what happens with me when my mother makes burgers at home. Though I love homemade burgers but sometimes I search for that restaurant taste in them. In lieu of finding the same, I ended up trying a hack for their special sauce. It was actually very simple and made a whole lot of difference to the taste of the burger. All I did was mix tomato sauce with some mayonnaise and slather it on the burger buns on both sides. This really enhanced the taste of the burgers. 

Similarly, there are plenty of tricks and hacks that you can employ to make the best restaurant style burgers at home. 

1.  Buns Are The Soul 

What is a burger without a good bun? Crispy toasted buns make for great burgers. Simply tossing them with some kosher salt till they turn golden brown on a pan gives some slightly crunchy buns which not only taste well but also prevent the patty and sauces from making the burger soggy. They hold the ingredients of the burger properly. 

2.  Meat Is The Heart 

A juicy and meaty patty is all you need to make a wholesome burger. Now, for patty if you are making a vegetable one, then finely chop the veggies so that they can get mashed in the patty really well. In case of a meaty patty, do not overcook the meat. It will get tough once it cools down and your burger will become hard. Try to keep it soft and juicy. Meat that has been ground fresh is the best rather than lean meats. 

3.  Patty Is The Core

For the patty, a great hack is to pat it gently in between and make a thumb impression in the centre. This will allow the patty to cook properly and avoid any bubbles. Also, if you are finding it difficult to hold the patty together, you should make them with wet hands, using oil or water. This helps to bind the entire thing really well. 

4.  Height Is The Highlight 

If I serve you a flat burger, would you like it? It would look really sad. Avoid squeezing the burger with your spatula. This will make it release all its juices, leaving you with a flat burger and non-juicy patty.