Post-Diwali Detox: 5 Easy Tips To Get You Back On Track
Image Credit: Detox plan for Diwali

Since any special occasion or celebration calls for sweets and desserts, it is natural that most of us loaded up on rich and heavy bites this Diwali too. But now that Diwali and other festivities are out of the way, it is time for you to get back to your routine and fix your diet plan. The idea is to relax and re-energise your body after all the heavy-loading you’ve done.

Cutting down on processed and sugary foods is a good idea as it lowers your body movement and makes you feel lethargic. Keeping yourself hydrated and adding smoothies and detox juices to the diet are also effective ways of getting back on track. Emphasising on energy-boosting foods while keeping your meals light and healthy is the way forward, not to forget a little bit of workout to stretch those muscles and leave the laziness behind.

Here are some easy dietary tips that will come in handy while preparing your post-Diwali detox diet plan.  

1.   Hydration Is The Key

While we all love to gorge on sweet meats and fried delicacies, an excess of them in our diet makes digestion a big problem. To flush out the toxins and smoothen the digestion process of these complex carbs, it is essential to drink loads of water. Apart from this, starting your day with a glass of warm water with honey and lemon can do the trick too.  

2.  Try Detox Juices

The packaged juices available in the market are full of preservatives and sugar. Ditch those and squeeze out fresh juices at home. For instance, you could make fresh beetroot juice that amps up the haemoglobin levels in the blood. You could also make healthy smoothies with kale and avocado, as they are rich in iron and boost energy too.  

3.   Opt For Lighter Meals  

Since you’ve already satiated your taste buds with all kinds of kachoris, samosa, pakoras and other deep-fried bites, it is time to give your stomach some rest and eat light. For breakfast, you could go for oatmeal, upma or a bowlful of yoghurt. The latter helps to keep your gut healthy. Lunch could consist of a simple khichdi or something like a dry sabzi with whole wheat roti and curd. Avoid snacking in-between meals and skip acidic beverages like tea and coffee.  

4.   Put Emphasis On Fibre-Rich Foods  

There is nothing better to snack on that a bowlful of colourful fruits or a plate of raw salad. Add your favourites to both, be it apples, papaya or bananas and toss in some chaat masala for flavour. Keep dinner light, like a plate of salad consisting of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers or else, drink some fresh tomato or mushroom soup.

5.   Turn Your Days Into A Nutty Affair

Keep refined flour and other heavy items out of the kitchen pantry. Look for simpler and lighter ways to satiate your appetite like nuts. One must have received plenty of them during the festive season so stock up on all those walnuts, cashews, and almonds, instead of biscuits and namkeen. Also, don’t over consume them as they are heat-generating foods.