Had Too Much Sugar? Here Is How You Can Detox
Image Credit: Had too much sugar? Don't worry!

We cannot say no to sweets and this is the ultimate truth. Be it a wedding, a party, or even a small get-together, sweets are a must and it is very hard to resist when we have sweets around us. Yesterday itself, my father brought jalebis. Despite him being a diabetic, he ate so many jalebis only to regret it the next morning. Now what my father did is something that everyone does. At the time when we have something sweet, we keep on eating it without thinking of the repercussions. And the next day, we just feel guilty and regret our poor decision-making. Don’t feel sad, we all sail in the same boat! 

Just like we have a hangover after having booze the last night, we do have a sugar hangover as well. Now, every person may see different issues in his or her body. Some might see a sudden spike of blood pressure in their body while some may face dehydration but what is the same is the higher sugar consumption factor. But is there anything we can do to overcome our guilt and get rid of all these issues? Yes, there are some ways in which you can sugar detox your body and live a healthier life. Also, you will no longer have to stop eating sweets, attention to all those having sweet tooth!! Have a look. 

Drinking plenty of water 

As per some studies, sugar gets stored as glycogen in our bodies when we intake a large quantity of it. The same study suggests that for every single gram of sugar, 3 grams of water is stored and this is what leads to weight gain. Drinking plenty of water can help in preventing fatigue. Drinking water doesn’t flush out the sugar in our body but it speeds up the rate at which the body burns the stored sugar. Moreover, it can also help in overcoming issues like dehydration. Now you know why drinking plenty of water can help you overcome your guilt of having too much sugar. 

Consuming Electrolytes 

Adding salt and potassium to your water after having too much sugar can always help. Electrolyte-rich supplements can help in decreasing dehydration, headaches, and fatigue. Whenever we take on a low-carb diet, the body burns stored carbs and releases water. This leads to the reduction of sodium and potassium in the body. So, the consumption of electrolytes can be the perfect way to sugar detox your body. 

Not to skip meals 

Skipping meals would not be a good idea after having too much sugar. Skipping meals and fasting could be beneficial in several cases but not when we are talking about sugar detox. Instead of skipping a meal, one can have a healthy diet and eat a lot of quality food. Believe me, this is going to work for you. 

Eat at regular intervals 

Unlike every day, you should eat healthy food at frequent intervals when you are trying to overcome the high sugar intake in your body. Get your hands on fruits or anything healthy whenever you are hungry and just look at the results.  

Sugar detoxing the body is not difficult but you just need to do the right thing. Rather than spending hours in the gym and fasting, follow these ways to overcome the sugar guilt and see the changes. Try it yourself and let us know what worked for you.