Piro Aloo To Sekuwa, 8 Must-Try Underrated Delicacies From Nepal
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The grand Himalayan mountains of Nepal are not the only core focus of attraction of the country. Apart from its scenic beauty that gives you visual pleasure, Nepalese authentic cuisine is also quite unique. For most Indians, Nepali cuisine might just feel familiar and an extension of Indian cuisine, but the fact is that Nepal’s terrain and rich culinary history has provided plenty of gems that you may not have tried yet.

All we knew about Nepali food was momos, various types of it, and of course, the medley of veggies and meat called Thukpa soup. In recent years, these two dishes from Nepal have gained immense popularity even as many other gems from Nepalese cuisine have gone unnoticed by Indian eateries and restaurants, except a few.The fact is, until you have tasted the underrated dishes from Nepali cuisine, you have not tasted anything much.

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From Choila to Sel Roti, here are the eight underrated delicacies from Nepal that you must try on your next trip.

1. Piro Aloo

Piro Aloo or spiced potato curry is a fiery Nepali dish that is simple yet delicious. The potatoes are well-seasoned with a delicious mix of red chilli, cumin, and coriander. A symphony of heat and robust flavours in each bite makes this the number one choice for those who fancy spicy foods. Piro Aloo offers a tantalizing taste which serves as either a dish on its own or a side order.

2. Chicken Choila

Chicken choila represents an iconic Nepali delicacy that whets the appetite with its strong spices. The succulent pieces of the chicken are marinated with zesty spices mixed with mustard oil, red chilli, garlic, and ginger. This leads to a mouth-watering blend of smoke, heat and tartness, which should not be missed by the adventurous palate looking for an explosive Nepalese food experience.

3. Sekuwa

Sekuwa is a flavourful and inviting Nepali dish that pleases the palate. The grilled delicacy has marinated meat on skewers which are exposed to fire. However, the secret of the delicious aroma and taste of this dish lies in seasoning the meat with various aromatic spices and smoking it over an open fire. Sekuwa is an exciting culinary venture for adventurous food lovers, coupled with fresh naan bread and chutney on the sides.

4. Sel Roti

A popular Nepali delicacy, sel roti, is an enchanting sweet ring made out of rice flour, sugar and spices. It is a common treat which is crunchy and also a little bit sweet that constitutes part of the cultural heritage in Nepal as it is mostly consumed during festivals and celebrations. The roti is prepared using a batter made of rice flour, sugar, and yoghurt that goes through fermentation, imparting it with its characteristic taste and feel. Fried till golden brown, sel roti has a crisp outside but an airy inside – a true delicacy in Nepal.

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5. Laphing

Laphing is a typical street food hailing from Tibet with a strong flavour. These are basically cold noodles made with moong dal, potato and flour. Later they are mixed with various spices and garlic paste, sweet soy sauce, and vinegar. Laphing is traditionally served with fresh cilantro and peanuts and crispy crushed fried noodle known as Mimi. This dish is quite refreshing and filling.

6. Thakali Dal

Thakali Dal is a traditional Nepali lentil dish which is almost greyish to blackish in colou thanks to the use of black lentils. It is simple yet complex in its flavours, which makes it a must-try delicacy especially for vegetarians and vegans. This dish is slowly cooked in the pressure cooker with spices like cumin, a dash of turmeric, onions, ghee, ginger, garlic, etc. All this aromatic fusion gives rise to this rich dal, which is savoured in most of Nepali households. It is often served with rice and pickle.

7. Aloo ko Achar

It is a mouth watering combination of flavours and textures in an aloo ko Achar – a traditional Nepalese Potato salad. The boiled potato is pulverised or smashed into tiny pieces before being combined in with mustards, fenugreek, and chilly powders. The outcome is an unforgettable and delightful dish that matches well with rice, roti or main meal. Aloo ko Achar, which is loved and known as a spicy snack for Nepalis.

8. Gundruk and Dhido

Gundruk and Dhido provide a glimpse into Nepal’s Himalayan cuisine. Packed with probiotic properties, Gundruk is a fermented leafy greens dish that provides tangy flavours with good bacteria for a healthy gut, which improves digestion. The dense and gluten-free millet dough known as Dhido goes well with curry or pickle, but especially with Gundruk. Usually served together in meals, Gundruk and Dhido make for a great breakfast as well as a lunch or dinner option.