Have You Tried These Nepali Desserts?
Image Credit: Pinterst- tasteofnepal.blogspot.com

Nepal the land of the might Himalayas, beautiful landscape, and an adventure paradise is known for rich cultural heritage and unique traditions. And unlike anywhere in the world all traditions see a relation with food. This small little country is a rich storehouse of lot of adventure and experiences. But when we talk of food, let’s say unlike the perception that we have about Nepali food, this cuisine is highly versatile and flavourful. And yes Nepali food is not just some Momos and Thakkali meat dishes but also about the great variety of desserts that they have. 

Let’s have a look at the variety of Nepali sweets and desserts that they eat and relish. 

Jeri or Jerry- 

This Nepali Jalebi, Jilphi looks exactly like Indian Imarti or Jalebi. This ornamented sweet dish that fired deep fried and looped in shaped sees a cross between orange and yellow colour is highly addictive sweet. Dipped in saffron syrup, Jerry is juicy, crispy and succulent. Traditionally, jeri is eaten with soft Nepali bread called swaari.


Another unique Nepali sweet which is mostly made during Diwali. These are hand-stretched rotis that are made in an old-fashioned way. These rice patties look are larger version of cookies, large ones. Rice flour and poppy seeds adds to the crispy texture to the dish. This Neweri delicacy is eaten on the day of ‘Bhai Tika’ or what we call “Bhai dooj”


Another Newari delicacy that  is primarily a sweet bread is large, round and coiled in shape. Made with black gram lentil, rice, wheat flour and sugar, this one is reflection of the ancient culinary art of the Newari community. All ingredients are made to a pourable batter like consistency and given the round coiled shaped and fried.  This festive dish is mostly made during weddings and given to relatives and friends. 


This Nepalese sweet made with semolina, maida, ghee and sugar, is something similar to a cookie but a little hard in texture is mostly enjoyed during Tihar. Mixing all ingredients together a dough is made and then in small round shaped balls which are little flattened and then fried. the round balls re then pressed on wooden khajuri press which gives it the vertical lines on the cookies. Crisp, deep fried these Khajuri’s are sheet indulgence. 

Doodh Bari

This flavorful, dairy-rich dessert, this Nepalese dessert is loaded with dry fruits; Pistachio and Almonds. Soft cheese patties are dipped in milk that has been thickened and flavoured with some saffron is absolutely rich and delightful.