India brags about its myriad cuisines and cultures, and Indian winter food is no different. With the increasing appetites in winter, it's time to indulge and prep up in delectably warm treats, explicitly dedicated for this chilly season. So, ditch all your calorie worries and dig into my freshly made Indian thali for winter. My special winter thali is prepared to utilise locally-sourced winter vegetables. It has tasty ingredients that provide the necessary warmth to my body during winters. I will also tell you about popular winter season dishes, beneficial for health in this thali. Here's the perfect winter thali that you can gorge on.

Appetiser: Begin with soup

Fan of non-vegetarian food? There can be no better option than Paya Soup. This soup made with special spices gives warmth and is also helpful in detoxifying the body in winter. Do you know that paya soup is best for patients suffering from the problem of arthritis? Not only this, from your intestines to the teeth, this soup is a treasure of health.

Main course: Makki ki roti aur sarson ka saag

Cook fresh sarso on a low flame with spinach, bathua and green coriander. After tempering with red chillies and spices, serve this saag with makki ki roti, fresh white butter to the family. There can be no better option for all Punjabi food lovers than sarson ka saag with abundant antioxidants. They protect our cells from destruction and remove the risk of getting diseases like cancer. In addition to being a good source of iron and vitamin A, sarson also controls cholesterol levels. 

Bevrage: Kali gajar kanji

Kanji is a probiotic drink that is very popular in the cities of Punjab. Black carrots are soaked in water, with mustard seeds are fermented for kanji preparation. Black carrots are full of antioxidants, increasing our immunity and keeping the skin young. Besides keeping our brain cells active, kanji is also beneficial for gut health. However, kanji is not a panacea for heart patients, but on the other hand, it is abundant in fibre.

Dessert: Gur para

Now let's turn towards desserts with all the preparations. Although 'gur para' is eaten the most on Lohri, it's not less than a boon for health freaks. Being made of jaggery, anti-oxidants, zinc, and selenium are abundant in 'gur para' with immunity-boosting qualities. But, along with this, it helps get rid of cough, cold and flu while aiding in liver detox.

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