Patal Bhaji With Poori: The Goan Breakfast You Didn’t Know About
Image Credit: Patal Bhaji Poori

Sandy beaches surrounded by shacks, villas, and cottages are what you see once you set foot in Goa. Fresh seafood is usually the main draw for all foodies who visit this part of the country. From Goan prawn balchao to fish curry, you will be spoiled for choice. Breakfast items include prawn risotto and Goan shrimp patties too.

However, a lesser-known breakfast from the state that you might not have heard of is poori bhaji. Yes, you read that right. Poori is a type of deep-fried Indian puffed bread, while patal bhaji is a gloopy curry usually made with potatoes and peas. Now, one may wonder what is so special about the one that Goans make. Well, instead of potatoes, patal bhaji made from colocasia leaves is among the classics here.

All About This Breakfast Combination

The pooris remain the same: deep-fried, golden brown, and crunchy puffed bread made with wheat flour dough. However, the bhaji served along with it is called patal bhaji, a runny vegetable dish made with colocasia leaves and chana dal. Mixed together, it becomes a nutritious affair. The yummy bhaji and poori form a hearty combination and should always be served hot.

For making it, chana dal is soaked in water for about 4-5 hours, and colocasia leaves are washed and chopped. The mixture is then cooked together with jaggery, green chillies, and tamarind to give the bhaji a sweet and sour flavor. This one is popular not only in Goa but also throughout Maharashtra as "aalu chi patal bhaji."

Similar to this patal bhaji, the classic aloo bhaji is also made in Goa but has a slightly different taste. While the ones made in other North Indian states have a spicy taste, the Goan potato bhaji is slightly on the sweeter side. You’ll also find variations in the recipes for the same in the form of mushrooms, paneer, cauliflower, tomatoes, etc.