Paratha To Makkhan: 5 Best Places To Eat In Murthal
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Murthal is a village near the Delhi border, approximately 50 km from New Delhi. It's on NH1 and connects New Delhi to a lot of famous cities. Anyone who has travelled through that route knows the significance of Murthal and its parathas. A road trip without Murthal stoppage is incomplete. Initially, there were only a few dhabas on that route but due to the increasing popularity among tourists, there are now a myriad of dhaba options for visitors. 

Most of these dhabas serve tempting parathas throughout the day. Other than parathas, you can also try authentic north Indian cuisine, including naan, roti, sabzi, chawal, kulcha, and many other things. To spice up your next road trip through NH1,  here are the top five places in Murthal to eat parathas.

1. Amrik Sukdhev

This is undoubtedly, one of the most famous dhabas in all of the Delhi NCR. People from all parts of the country come to this Dhaba to eat the tandoori parathas. It was established in 1965 and since then has been relentlessly serving people. You can enjoy all sorts of vegetarian meals here and it serves food 24/7. Other than North Indian, you can also try South Indian, street food and Chinese food. The paneer misiya paratha is worth trying at Sukhdev.

Cost for two: INR 400

Address: 52, 250 KM Stone, GT Road, Murthal, New Delhi

2. Gulshan Dhaba

Gulshan Dhaba is one of the oldest Dhabas in the Murthal area. It was set up in the 1950s and has both outdoor and indoor seating available. Infrastructure wise this Dhaba has gone through a tremendous transformation. It is especially popular for its huge variety of parathas. It is a complete package for people who want to visit a place that has something for people of all age groups. There are sweet shops, gift shops, and some swings for children. The Dhaba has only vegetarian cuisine available. Other than North Indian food, there is also an option for South Indian and Chinese. The Special Thali at Gulshan Dhaba is very budget-friendly, delicious and affordable

Cost for two: INR 500

Address: GT Karnal Road, Murthal Sonepat- 131027, Near Fly Over

3. Haveli

Like its opulent name, Haveli, is a luxurious place for people who want to relax at a themed restaurant/dhaba, with great ambience and even better food. The whole interior and exterior are designed by keeping in mind the castles of the Maharajas in Punjab. The hospitality here is on point and makes you feel like royalty yourself. The food is very tasty and you can try a variety of things if you plan to visit the place. The first Haveli was set up in Jalandhar. Over time Haveli has gained a lot of popularity which is why its other branches have been opened on NH1. 

Cost for two: INR 500

Address: Main GT Road, Murthal, Sonipat

4. Mannat Haveli

This is different from the conventional haveli branch. The whole theme of the place is inspired by Indian heritage and history. You will see magnificent pillars at the entrance accompanied by warriors, dressed up in a metal shield. Just like other dhabas, this one also has both indoor and outdoor seating. There are a lot of small eating stalls that you can try from the outside. There's also a Mercedes Benz kept in the middle of Haveli to give it that extra look. The food here, like its theme, is authentic and flavourful. You can enjoy it with the perpetual Rajasthani folk dance, puppet, show, and other entertainment activities going on outside.

Cost for two: INR 600

Address: 52 Milestone NH1, Murthal, Sonepat

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5. Pahalwan Dhaba

This isn't as old as the other Dhabas on the list and did not get popular from the start. It gained popularity over time due to its taste and high-quality food. The staff here is very dedicated to your service and you will be impressed by the hospitality. Some of the must-try things here include Aloo Paratha, Amritsari Kulcha, and Chatte ki Lassi. Other than this, they have options in South Indian, Chinese and Indian street food. This place doesn't have an extravagant interior but offers decent seating. It is for the people who want to eat high-quality food to satisfy their souls.

Cost for two: INR 400

Address: Pahalwan Dhaba, GT Road, Murthal, Sonipat 

These are some of the Dhabas that you can try while going on a road trip with your family. Also if you're a Paratha fanatic, then you can plan a special trip to visit these places and experience the magic of Murthal.