Amritsari Kulcha To Paneer Kulcha: 4 Stuffed Kulchas That Are Perfect For Your Next Meal

Talk of Indian cuisine and it’s all about heavy, rich curries, mouth-watering sabziz and all the spicy street food and fried treats. But while all these are an absolute treat, what makes it a wholesome meal are the Indian breads that go with all of them. Be it a simple roti or a naan or drool-worthy buttery parathas, a typical Indian meal is never complete without these side breads. And the list doesn’t end on these few, there is a wide variety of breads that one can try. One such option is the soft and delicious kulcha which is widely popular among all age groups. A north Indian bread originally, Kulcha has gained love from across the country. Its soft texture from the inside and a charred, rough exterior is unique, and is often paired with chatpate chole. But there’s not just one type of kulcha that you can enjoy, there are multiple varieties that differs from the flavour, texture to the way of cooking as well. If you too want to amp up the taste of your plain kulcha, we've got your back with a list of stuffed kulchas you can try right away. Here are four stuffed kulcha recipes you can bookmark for your next meal. 

1. Tandoori Aloo Kulcha 

Aloo is at the very centre of Indian cuisine due to its sheer versatility. It works wonders when added to anything from curries, rice to parathas and kulcha is of course no different. After all, who can resist a kulcha with a spicy stuffing of mashed potatoes along with an array of spices? Pair it with a gravy of your choice and you’ll have a wholesome meal to yourself.   

2. Paneer Kulcha 

Flavoured with green chillies and spices, and smeared with dollops of ghee, paneer kulcha is a meal in itself. The light flavours of cumin and coriander along with a subtle crunch of onion makes it drool-worthy. 

3. Amritsari Kulcha 

A true-blue Punjabi delight, Amritsari kulcha is a crispy flatbread that brings in the flavours of onion, ginger, green chilli, coriander, anardana, and lemon juice. These are combined with potatoes and packed into this mesmerizing kulcha, which is just too hard to resist. 

4. Onion Kulcha 

Love the crispness and strong flavours of onion? Then this one is for you. Chopped onions tossed in with a host of spices and stuffed generously inside a kulcha, onion kulcha is sure to tingle your taste buds. This recipe has a slightly different taste from other kulchas because of the crunchiness and sharp taste of onions.