Onions To Follow Tomatoes And Ginger As Price Rise Expected

If you thought about breathing a sigh of relief and taking a moment to reel in the skyrocketing prices of tomatoes, expect to also be paying higher prices for onions, August onwards. With the ongoing tomato price crisis in the country, costs for commonly used ingredients like ginger and green chillies have also witnessed a hike. Similarly, onion prices are likely to shoot up to ₹60-70 per kilo, come September.

Image Credits: Associated Press

The rise in prices come as a result of harsh weather conditions affecting crop and supply cycles, difficulty in transportation and other variable factors. According to a Crisil report, the increase in prices for onion supplies are likely to stabilise once the Kharif supply cycle begins in the months of October-November. The report also said, "The supply-demand imbalance is expected to reflect in onion prices towards end-August. As per our ground interactions, prices are expected to show a significant increase from early September in the retail market, reaching up to ₹60-70 per kg during the lean patch. However, prices will remain below the highs of 2020".

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The prices of tomatoes, that currently stand between ₹130-150 per kilo in Maharashtra and ₹170-200 per kilo in Delhi, is expected to double, with costs going up to as high as ₹300 per kilo. This spike in prices is sure to create a pinch in the pockets of the common man, as the costs of essential and commonly-used ingredients seem to be throwing off monthly budgets in households.