Hike In Tomato Price Triggers Hilarious Reactions

Tomato, one of the most used kitchen ingredients, has become a throbbing nerve for a lot of people because of its increasing prices. Tomato prices, in many parts of the country, have reached unprecedented heights. While they range from Rs 80 to Rs 100 in some parts, the prices have crossed Rs 100 per kg in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Kanpur and Delhi. As per information, the sudden surge is due to heavy rainfall which is responsible for adversely affecting tomato crops and eventually leading to supply shortage.  

The soaring prices of tomatoes are all over the social media. One can see so many posts around the price rise phenomena and also some really funny memes posted by the netizens. In one of the memes shared on twitter, it was written, “"Because who doesn't love paying a fortune for healthy food? Tomatoes are the new gold, folks”. Another meme on twitter said, “Kuch sabzi wale to gali main aate hi chilla kar awaaz laga rahe hai, ‘hai koi mai ka laal jo khareede tamatar laal?”.  

Here are some other hilarious memes you must see:

No wonder! The tomatoes may start looking like this soon.

A user posted:

Bringing back the 'Om Shanti Om' memories...

It needs to be mentioned here that last year also, the tomato prices skyrocketed, and common man went through the same trouble and distress. And not just tomatoes but the prices of other vegetables have also significantly increased in many parts due to heavy rainfall. Even though there are funny memes and reactions all over social media, kitchen budget of a common has got drastically affected.  

While talking to Slurrp, Raipur resident Neha Singh said that the price of tomato per kg was Rs 30 a few days ago. It increased to Rs 45 followed by Rs Rs 60 and now, it has become Rs 100 kg. "It is not possible for a common man to buy such expensive vegetables but there is nothing we can do", she added.