One Ingredient Many Dishes – Full Course Meal With Paneer
Image Credit: Paneer is a versatile ingredient | Unsplash

Indian meals are somehow not complete with our very own cottage cheese or paneer. it is one of those ingredients that can be used to make many dishes. From starters to main course to even dessert paneer can make a lot of delicious food items that we eat in our meals every day. If you have paneer at your place, you never would have to worry about serving something to your guests in case they make a surprise appearance at your house. And the best part about paneer is that it is also healthy and contains good fats as well as protein.

We have always talked about how versatile paneer is but have you ever tried making an entire meal with it? In this article we will see how paneer can be used to make some sizzling starters, marvellous main course and delicious desserts. Let us take a look at an entire menu that can be curated with just paneer.


Paneer Pakoda

This is one dish that can be the perfect starter to your menu. This fritter dish is covered with crispy besan and on the inside there is tender paneer slices which make it a perfect combination. Here is the recipe for you.


Paneer 65

Who will miss chicken 65 when you have such an amazing dish on your plate? The South Indian style paneer dish is one of the most spicy and flavourful starters that you can serve to your guests or to your family. Loaded with Curry leaves, here is a simple recipe for the dish. 


Main Course 

Paneer Biryani 

Those who claim that paneer or veg biryani does not exist are lying to you. Biryani is not just limited meats, paneer dum biryani is one of the best dishes that you can make. Flavorful and aromatic this dish is a sure shot hit. Let's look at the recipe for paneer biryani. 

Paneer Paratha 

Whether it be breakfast lunch or dinner, paneer paratha is one of the easiest and the dishes that can be made with the ingredient. Loaded with paneer bhurji inside, this Indian flatbread is extremely popular in the northern side of the country. It can be served with the side of a raita, achaar or some tomato ketchup.

Kadhai Paneer 

The super flavorful dish made with paneer, onions, bell pepper and some red chillies is the correct amount of spice and the correct amount of tadka that you need to spice up your main course. The succulent paneer cubes compliment the otherwise spicy gravy perfectly. Look at the recipe for this dish.



Paneer Jalebi 

If any dessert can match up or even better jalebi it is this soft paneer jalebi. made with the choicest of ingredients, the sort can be the perfect end to your amazing meal. and this dish can make you realize that paneer cannot just be used to make savoury dishes but great desserts as well.

So, if you are a paneer lover who is reading this article, we know that we have given you enough motivation to hit the kitchen and make some of your favorite dishes. The next time someone tells you that paneer hi to hai, show them paneer kitna kuchh hai!