Buttery, flaky and delicious biscuits along with a cup of chai on the side is a common sight to behold in these winter evenings. This craving of chai and biscuits leads to buying packets of them every single week. And needless to say, the packets are filled with some broken bits that either sit at the bottom of the biscuit jar till they make their way to the bin or get thrown away instantly. So, to save you from tossing them in the bin, here are four ways of using them.

1. Monaco Chaat

Spread the crumbled or broken biscuits on a tray, top them with some chopped veggies, chutneys of your choice and some sev and voila! This Monaco chaat is perfect when you are craving something flavourful to savour as an evening snack.  

2. Oreo Biscuit Cake

Let’s admit it, we all have tried making a cake out of oreo biscuits at least once in our lives. All you have to do is add oreo biscuits, baking powder, milk, vanilla essence and some sugar to a mixer grinder, pulse it until smooth, transfer it to a greased baking tray and bake till perfection.

3. Biscuit Ladoo

We Indians can never get enough of desserts, can we? However, we know that these desserts require time and efforts to be made. But you can now make it in a jiffy with the broken bits in your biscuit jar. Just mix the crumbs with some condensed milk and finely chopped dry fruits and make ladoos out of them and relish.

4. Fruit Pudding

Sort your everyday breakfast with an easy yet healthy and delicious pudding. Filled with the goodness of fruits, biscuits, chia seeds and yogurt, the pudding is quite filling, wholesome and decadent. All you have to do is layer a pudding jar with a biscuit crumb, fruits, a layer of yogurt and honey mixture and chia seeds till you reach the brim. You can top it with either nuts or any sauce or syrup of your choice.

These four ways of using leftover biscuits won’t only reduce wastage but also make your job easy by saving time. Try them out and let us know how they turn out.