Netizens Drool Over Foreigner’s Yummy Sambar
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Many would agree that Indian cuisine requires a certain level of expertise to get things right. The type and proportion of spices, choosing the right veggies to go together, cooking techniques and even utensils – Indian cooking is an elaborate affair. There are so many cooking methods, ingredients, and masalas that one dish requires, and one can easily get overwhelmed. 

No wonder it is a challenge for many people to get the taste right. However, following the recipe won’t be a problem for those who are frequent cooks. While we are all used to the cooking styles of India, we might not expect a foreigner to cook Indian dishes like a pro. What if we tell you that someone actually did? An Instagram user is breaking the stereotypes as he cooks all kinds of Indian dishes.

Jake Dryan, a social media user and a promoter of plant-based recipes, is making his audience aware of the extensive range of vegetarian Indian dishes. Looks like Jake is a fan of South Indian dishes - as he prepares Masala Dosa, Cabbage Thoran, and other dishes with ease. But his recent cooking video of Sambar Rice has surprised many people for its sheer perfection. 

In a video he uploaded on Instagram, one can see him making sambar like a pro. He first takes the toor dal and boils it with haldi powder. Until then, in a pan, he fries shallots along with other vegetables to add to the sambhar. Then, he takes the tamarind and makes a paste out of it, mixes the dal, tamarind, spices, and sambhar masala together and combines it all. Lastly, he makes tadka with curry leaves, dal, rai, and red chillies, and tops it on the sambar, and serves it with rice. Take a look at his full video here:


The video went viral in no time garnering 4.2 million views, and over 260K likes, besides more than two thousand comments. Many people, especially Indians, were amazed at his creation. One person wrote, “As a Tamilian, this looks authentic and delicious”, while another person said, “Guy even has a proper tadka pan! You are doing good, my dude. Good food, enjoy!” 

Someone even said, “This is the best replication of authentic South Indian sambar. Very happy to see you try all the South Indian recipes which are not usually recognised when it comes to Indian cuisine.” 

Indians were super impressed with the attempt, as a user said, “Wow! Great attempt! Being raised in Tamil Nadu, this looks exactly the way my mum cooks! Thanks for trying out this recipe.” Many people in the comment section have also given their cooking tips while making South Indian cuisine. What do you think about this yummy sambar? If you are craving some, we’ve got an easy recipe right here.