A staple breakfast of South India, Masala Dosa is basically a delicious masala wrapped in a crispy Dosa crepe and served with a bowl of flavourful Sambar and Chutney. The Dosa is made with fermented urad dal and rice batter and is brought to the desired consistency by adding curd and water. Although everyone loves Dosa, only a few Dosa lovers know the story behind its origin. Oh, did you get triggered by this statement? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with an interesting story behind the origin of Masala Dosa. Here you go!

Legend has it that Masala Dosa originated in Karnataka. A Brahmin from the city of Udupi got digressed from his religious ideologies and wanted to get high. He tried making beer at his home by fermenting rice. Somehow, it turned out to be a failed exercise and he turned the soaked rice into a batter and poured it into a pan and started making crepes out of it. As drinking alcohol and eating meat are considered sins according to Brahminical ideologies, these crepes were apparently named “Dosha” (sin). Gradually the name got transformed into ‘Dosa’. 

There is another story that people believe is behind the origin of Masala Dosa. It is believed that the King of Mysore once organized a grand buffet in his palace. Somehow the royal cooks miscalculated the number of guests and cooked more food than required. As a result, a lot of food was left behind and the king didn’t want the food to be wasted. Hence, he ordered his cooks to make something edible out of them and the delicious Masala Dosa was created. 

Although Masala Dosa was originated in South India, it continued to become a favourite of people across India. Masala Dosa has also crossed national boundaries and has become a staple breakfast in many foreign countries. We know this article has fueled your cravings; so, we have embedded the recipe for you to try.