Neena Gupta's Sunday Feast Includes Puri, Aloo, Halwa, And More
Image Credit: Instagram: @neena_gupta

Neena Gupta, the veteran actress known for her grace, wit, and unconventional choices, is just like you on a Sunday. Unlike the hectic shooting weekdays, the actress is living her life with warm food in a sun-kissed outdoor setting with her friends. And while doing that, she’s also regaling the world with updates about her meals and homemade dishes on social media.

The actress is often seen making Indian food with amazing recipes and relishing the food close to her heart wherever she goes. Devoid of all the fame, the 64-year-old actress never lets popularity take her away from her roots. Her recent Instagram story of her showcasing her Sunday lunch while saying, “aur kya chahiye life mai,” is a true testament.

The Instagram story takes you through the classic combination of a warm Sunday afternoon with freshly fried puri. Puri, being a staple Punjabi dish, makes its timely appearance on weekdays very often in a typical Punjabi household. Similarly, the nostalgic Neena Gupta seems to be excited about her puri, accompanied by a flavourful Sitafal ki sabzi and simmering Aloo ki sabzi.

Of course, no Indian meal is complete without the cooling embrace of raita, and Neena Gupta's version has the potential to take you back to your laid-back Sundays with your family. Her boondi ka raita is infused with cumin and coriander to balance the rich flavours of the vegetables, which can make your mouth drool as well.

And finally, no Sunday lunch of Neena Gupta would be complete without something sweet just like her. So, the last dish on the table had to be a divine halwa. And just like that, lunch with puri, Sitafal ki sabzi, aloo ki sabzi, raita, and a generous portion of halwa can be the highlight of the day. 

It’s appreciable and inspiring to witness how Neena Gupta is away from the chaotic world to celebrate a simple lunch with her loved ones and say” that’s all that life needs to be.” So, the next time you find yourself lost in the fast-paced world, take a break, get back to your roots, and enjoy traditional food that can take you back to a comfortable family time!