Neena Gupta Makes Boiled Anda Bhurji In Sydney

It’s a fact that nothing can replace “ghar ka khana”. In whichever part of the world you go, everyone craves for some yummy Indian dishes packed with a punch of desi flavours. No pizza, noodles or burger can satiate your soul as much dal-chawal or roti-sabzi can do. The fondness for home-cooked meals can also be seen among the celebrities, particularly from the Bollywood fraternity. 

Recently, Neena Gupta has shared a video on Instagram where she is preparing a simple homemade Indian dish while being abroad for shooting. Currently, the 64-year-old Bollywood actress is in Sydney for her upcoming project. Neena has given a tutorial to her followers on how to make anda bhurji. But wait, this is not your regular recipe. Here is the post. Take a look. 

The video starts with heating some oil in a non-stick pan, then adding the chopped onions. After sauteing a little, Neena adds desi spices like red chilli powder, turmeric, and coriander powder into the pan from her special ‘masala dabba’. Once the onions were properly cooked and mixed with the spices, she incorporated chopped tomatoes into the mix followed by a pinch of salt. While the dish was being cooked Neena Gupta revealed that green chillies were too spicy for her liking, so she prefers to skip them. 

Now comes the best part where the actress opted for an unconventional practice of using boiled eggs for her bhurji. Rather than cracking raw eggs directly into the pan, she added grated boiled eggs into the prepared tadka mix. Though some people may find it a little weird, the dish looked worth trying. After combining the grated boiled eggs properly with the tadka, the dish was garnished with a handful chopped coriander leaves. Neena recommends her fans to savour this unique anda bhurji with paratha, bread or roti.  

The video was posted with a caption that said, "Making Anda Bhurji in Sydney at my shoot." It has got more than 467k views and 12k likes since posted. People in the comment section loved Neena’s unique egg bhurji and her special masala box that she showed in the video while preparing the dish. Would you try this special anda bhurji recipe?