5 Desi-Style Recipes Every Pizza Fanatic Will Love
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Even though pizzas are an international food, the people of India have accepted them with open arms. Be it a child or an adult, pizza is a cult favourite food among people of all age groups. Indians love pizza so much that we have made so many variations of pizza on our own in the past few years.

 One of the most celebrated ways of eating pizza among Indians is cooking it in their own way, that is by adding Indian spices and chutneys. This is a way using the authentic cooking technique of making a pizza and at the same time adding a synthesis of Indian flavours. Today we have chosen five of the most decadent desi-style pizza recipes for you that can be easily made at home.

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* Chicken Tandoori Pizza

Chicken Tandoori is one of the most globally appreciated Indian dishes. Indian people have always loved their Tandoori dishes but Chicken Tandoori has earned a remarkable reputation for itself in different countries. To make the chicken tandoori pizza, spicy tandoori chicken is shredded carefully on the pizza as a topping. Instead of adding your regular pizza sauce, a sauce made by the combination of some Indian herbs and spices like ginger, garlic, cloves, red chilli and salt along with tomatoes is spread over the pizza.Also add some vegetables of your choice  that can be bell peppers, onions and some baby tomatoes. On top of the shredded tandoori chicken, add some parmesan cheese and distribute it uniformly over the pizza. Then you can keep it in the broiler that is preheated for at least five minutes at 280°C. Let the pizza cook in the broiler for at least five minutes and keep checking it during this process. Your pizza will be ready to eat.

* Bread Pizza

All of us have extremely fond memories  of growing up eating delicious bread pizza that our mothers used to cook at home. The bread pizza used to be a rather ‘desi jugaad’ and was cooked using whatever was available at home. While it's hard to make a similar bread pizza that our mothers used to make, you can surely try your hand by using our recipe. To make this bread pizza, you will have to first spread some pizza sauce on the top of a bread slice. Now layer the ingredients of your choice. You can choose to put some chicken sausages, paneer pieces and anything else that you like. Sprinkle some cheese on the top and simply put it on your pan. You don't even need a microwave or an oven to make bread pizza at home. This is a simple yet classic Indian recipe that is made in a lot of Indian households.

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* Paneer Makhani Pizza

Paneer Makhani is a quintessential Indian dish that is a fan favourite among vegetarians. This is a dish that is prepared by using a lot of heavy cream and Paneer with a subtle hint of spices. The dish gets its name from its creamy texture that is worth drooling over. As a topping, you can pour some Paneer Makhani over your pizza base. This is a recipe where you can even skip out on using pizza sauce if you don't like having too many flavours on your pizza. Just simply spread Paneer Makhani gravy as well as Paneer pieces on the top of the pizza base. Now put some capsicum, onions and tomatoes  on the pizza and layer everything with some shredded cheese. Pur the oven to the maximum temperature for at least five minutes. Now add your pizza inside the oven and let it cook for at least five minutes. Paneer Makhani pizza can be made by the leftover Paneer Makhani at your home. It is a simple and hassle-free Pizza recipe that gets prepared within a few minutes.

* Butter Chicken Pizza

Butter chicken is undoubtedly the most popular Indian dish. People in north India have enjoyed eating this dish for a very long time and now this recipe has travelled to not only different parts of India but the world. This is a scrumptious, classic, creamy and devouring dish that is prepared by using some chicken, vegetables, spices, yoghurt, and cream. A huge quantity of butter as the name of the dish suggests is the reason why it gets its actual flavours. If you love eating butter chicken, then  you will enjoy eating butter chicken pizza equally. Just take a pizza base and add your butter chicken gravy on top. Butter chicken already has a very prominent taste of tomatoes so there is no point in adding pizza base on the top. Then you can add some raw  vegetables like onions and bell peppers. Add the kind of cheese that you like and put it in the oven at 200°C for 10 minutes.

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* Mutton Keema Pizza

For all the non-vegetarian lovers, who  like eating mutton-based dishes, this is a pizza that is going to change your life. Mutton Keema is prepared by shredding mutton into very thin and small pieces. The keema is mixed with a spicy and creamy curry made by using yoghurt, cream and heavy Indian spices. Mutton Keema is uniformly distributed over a pizza base and mixed with some cheese on the top. This pizza is then put in the oven and baked for 10 minutes at 200°C. What you will get is a beautiful concoction  of Indian flavours mixed with cheese and a crunchy pizza base. 

Now that you know of these recipes, don't waste your time and make them at your home as soon as you can.