Aam Panna To Mint Chaas, 5 Refreshing Drinks For Your Fasts

The holy month of Sawan is here. Many devotees wake up early to offer their prayers to the Gods and Godesses. Several Hindus also observe the Sawan vrat, which is essentially a fast, wherein you are supposed to refrain from meat, eggs, fish, liquor, as well as grains, cereals and pulses of all kinds. Sawan fasting could be a little overwhelming to those who are new to this, but once you learn about the vrat-friendly ingredients, it becomes a tad easier. Since the festival also falls in the middle of this humid weather, fasting can deplete your energy levels, which is why it is very important to stay hydrated. Drinking water from time to time is crucial, but you can also sip into these drinks to keep yourself rejuvenated.  

Aam Panna 

Kachha Aam fans, raise your hands. Use the tangy pulp to make this ultimate desi cooler. Brimming with goodness of green mangoes, sugar, cardamom powder and black salt, this drink is bursting with a fragrant freshness that you desperately need in this weather. 

Mint Chaas 

Buttermilk, but with a hint of mint. Mint chaas is a smooth, energising drink made with the goodness of thick chilled curd, black salt and cumin powder. We absolutely love the addition of mint or pudina leaves to the drink and how it perks it up. Refreshing to the core. 


The Punjabi cooler is also ideal to restore your dropping energy. Lassi is an Indian drink made with churned yoghurt and sugar. It is good for your gut and digestion as well, and just ideal to beat the heat.  

Ginger Watermelon Juice 

There’s nothing more refreshing than a glass of fresh juice while you are fasting. Sugary foods can help revive your energy levels, but you would also immediately feel a drop in energy levels after that. This is why you should load up on natural sugars or fruits. They digest slowly, and keep you energised throughout. This juice comes with a punch of ginger too, to balance out the flavour.  

Mango Shake 

Yes, you can have mango shake during your fast too. Isn’t that amazing? The season of mangoes is upon us, and a glass of chilled mango shake always manages to serve as respite from the torrid heat outside. Just peel the mangoes, chop them up and blend it with milk and sugar. Your shake is ready.