Move Over Mayo: 5 Best Mayonnaise Substitutes
Image Credit: Unsplash

Have you run out of mayonnaise? Or attempting to alter your diet to avoid it? One of the most well-known creamy condiments is mayonnaise, which is made with egg yolk, oil, and vinegar. It was incredibly popular in the 1950s and 1960s recipes, but modern recipes use less of it today due to its richness and high-fat content. We've got you covered whether you're looking for a healthy alternative or have simply run out of the stuff.

Here is a list of the best mayonnaise substitutes you can use with your eyes closed.

1. Hummus

Hummus is a versatile ingredient that you can substitute for mayonnaise in a range of cuisines due to its smooth texture and rich flavour.

Additionally, it is very nutrient-dense and abundant in fibre, protein, and a number of minerals. Hummus can work well in wraps and sandwiches, even though it might not be a good replacement for all recipes that call for mayonnaise.

To increase the overall quantity of protein and fibre and give meals a thick, creamy texture, you can also try adding it to spaghetti or tuna salad.

2. Mustard

For wraps and sandwiches, mustard can be a fantastic low-calorie substitute for mayonnaise.

Actually, a serving of mustard contains less than 10% of the calories in mayonnaise. To salads and sandwiches, honey mustard can offer a sweet and tangy flavour. Dijon mustard, on the other hand, is a little spicier and bolder and might be a better choice for some recipes.

You can also experiment with various types, such as spicy brown, yellow, or French mustard.

3. Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is a popular breakfast item, but it may also be used in many other recipes in place of mayonnaise.

Greek yoghurt is a fantastic source of micronutrients including phosphorus, vitamin A, calcium, and zinc in addition to being high in protein. To recipes like egg salad, chicken salad, or tuna salad, Greek yoghurt can add a rich, creamy texture.

To increase the nutritional content and flavour of your preferred homemade salad dressing recipes, you can also use it instead of mayonnaise.

4. Sour Cream

Almost any dish that calls for mayonnaise can benefit from the fresh flavour boost that sour cream provides.

Additionally, it has trace levels of a number of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, riboflavin, and vitamin A. Simply substitute an equivalent amount of sour cream for the mayonnaise in a recipe that calls for it.

To lend a zesty flavour to your go-to meals, try adding it to salads, dips, sandwiches, and spreads.

5. Pesto

Pesto is a well-known paste-like sauce made with pine nuts, basil, garlic, cheese, and olive oil.

Even though it has a nuttier flavour than mayonnaise, you can include it in some recipes to increase your consumption of vitamin E, vitamin K, manganese, and the healthy monounsaturated fats in olive oil. To add a splash of colour and flavour to sandwiches and wraps, use pesto in place of mayo for best results.

It also works well as a nice topping on sautéed vegetables or in pasta salad.