4 Ways To Make Creamy Mayonnaise At Home
Image Credit: iStock, Creamy mayonnaise at home in minutes.

My mother has a special macaroni salad recipe that she makes using macaroni and mayonnaise. It is the mayonnaise which adds the creaminess to the overall bowl of salad and well, calories too. Now, oftentimes, things which taste really well are thought of as unhealthy. However, there are always some healthy ways to make the same thing. A simple tweak in the recipe, substituting one ingredient for another and so on can actually give you the same taste but at a better health cost. Moreover, why should you deprive yourself of the tasty food just because it is adding some calories. 

Mayonnaise, for the unversed, is a kind of dressing or sauce which either be paired with crispy and crunchy fried and other snacks like a condiment or can be coupled with a few other ingredients to form an entirely new sauce like tartar dip. This tartar dip is often served in restaurants along with fish and chips. Abbreviated as mayo, mayonnaise might seem like a heavy and cheesy dip or sauce but what makes it a little less unhealthy is the fact that you can make it at home. 

Homemade mayonnaise is not so much of a task as you may think in your head. To whip up a creamy and delicious bowl of mayonnaise, you would need some eggs(yolks), oil, evaporated milk and salt. With just minimum ingredients, a tasty mayo is ready at home for your salads, pastas and all you like. 

Here are some tips and tricks to make the same. 

1.  Room Temperature Is Ideal 

For making mayonnaise, firstly, you need to ensure that all the ingredients are at room temperature. You can take out the eggs and keep them half an hour to one hour before you start the process. Similarly, oil used should be at room temperature too. You need to find the right balance of temperature to make it right. 

2.  Using The Eggs The Right Way 

The eggs have two parts, the yolk and the albumen. The richness and creaminess of the mayo is enhanced if you use only egg yolks as they contain the most amount of protein and fat. Whipping eggs properly is also very important. 

3.  Blending The Two 

Oil and eggs need to be mixed together using a blender or a food processor. Firstly, make sure that the eggs are whipped nicely and only then add oil to the mix. In terms of oil, it is preferred that you use canola and sunflower oil. They work best for mayonnaise which doesn’t have a special flavour to it. 

4.  The Ideal Weather For Emulsion 

The emulsifying process achieves best result in a pleasant and normal weather. If it is humid and wet outside, it is better not to try making mayonnaise at home because it will end up becoming greasy.