The pop culture today makes us crave for what our favourite celebrity is having, travel to places that our loved influencers are travelling and wear what that well-known content creator is wearing. These desires have been manufactured in us by the social media today. We are on the loop of staying connected to each and every moment of change in the lives of those whom we follow online. Popular YouTuber who is more often referred to by handle name than her real one, Prajakta Koli aka Mostly Sane is currently vacationing in Dubai, UAE and we are quite fascinated. 

The YouTuber turned influencer turned actor has featured in a couple of web shows, short-videos and comedy reality shows. The Mismatched actor who made her debut on OTT a while back is giving us vacay goals with her Dubai reels. Recently, she took to her Instagram to share a quick reel of her day in the country. What caught our eye was a clip of her relishing some delicious food. It looked like a basket of pita bread with the quintessential Middle-Eastern dip, hummus. Here’s what it looked like. 

Source: Mostly Sane/Instagram

While she gorges on her creamy hummus and soft pita bread, meanwhile, we can whip up some Middle-Eastern dip in our home kitchens too. Here are some recipes that we have fetched for you. 

1.  Baba Ganoush Dip 

Made from eggplants and some tahini, the dip is creamy and smoky in flavour. The pulp of eggplants forms the base of the dip while the tahini adds a kick to the smooth and bland condiment. This can be eaten with breads as well as vegetables. It is also known as Moutabel. 

2.   Spicy Labneh Dip 

This is a classic yoghurt-based Middle-Eastern dip. It is a no-fuss recipe that only needs some strained yoghurt along with sumac powder, chilli, parsley, mint leaves and spice mix. This is a creamy, smooth an rich dip. 

3.  Muhammara Dip

This is a smoky and fiery red dip that can be eaten along as well as along with dishes that are low on spices. The nuttiness of the dip comes from the use of walnuts while the bright red colour owes itself to the red capsicum and red chillies. 

4.  Ful Medammes Dip

Fava beans are a popular ingredient in the Middle-Eastern region, especially in Egypt. The garbanzo beans aka chickpeas also feature in Middle-Eastern cuisine and dips like hummus. The ful medammes dip is a combination of fava beans and garbanzo beans, mashed together in tomato paste and olive oil.