Moong Dal Benefits: Know Why This Dal Should Be In Your Diet

Indian meal is complete without a bowl full of dal. And moong dal is staple to Indian households. Also known as mung beans, these are small green beans and when they are split, they are known to be yellow moong dal. Green with skin and yellow without skin, moong dal is not just confined to a particular form but consumed in so many other ways too. From being a salted snack to making some amazing mangodis, moong dal has a lot of potential. 

Apart from being tasty and versatile, moong dal is power packed with so many nutrients that you can’t even think about. Its benefits increase even more when it is consumed sprouted. No wonder our mothers keep forcing us to have dals like these. Wanna know about the benefits of moong dal in detail? Here you go! 

Helps In Losing Weight 

Yes, you read that right. Moong dal can help in shedding those extra kilos. It is low in fat and high in fiber and proteins. Moong dal consumption can prevent untimely hunger alarms as it can keep the stomach full for a longer time. Besides, it has such properties that can detoxify the body and boost up the immune system. 

Rich Source Of Protein 

Just like any other dal, moong dal is high in protein. Thus, it helps in the formation of new cells, building up of strong bones, creation of hemoglobin and repairing of cells. One must have at least a bowl of moong dal frequently for better protein intake. 

Good For Eyes 

Moong dal has a higher content of zinc which can prevent night blindness and other eye related issues. As per a study, moong dal activates enzymes in the body that produce vitamin A and prevent issues like night blindness. You didn’t know this, did you? 

Manages Blood Sugar Levels 

Moong dal can keep the body’s energy intact because of its high fiber content. It stabilizes the blood sugar levels. Besides, moong dal also helps in regulating blood pressure and lowers the higher cholesterol level in the body. 

Has Antibacterial Properties 

Moong dal is loaded with vitamin B6 and thus helps in strengthening the resistance against many disease-causing agents like bacteria. It is high in antioxidants vitexin and ixovitexin that can fight against free radicals and benefit the body. 

Since we have learnt about the benefits of moong dal, let us give you an amazing recipe of moong dal mangodi that we all love. Make it at home and enjoy!