Masala Chai To Turmeric Latte On This Coffeehouse’s Desi Menu
Image Credit: Shutterstock, Starbucks has everything, from Masala Chai to Turmeric latte now.

The fanfare for coffee across the globe is real. This beverage, whether served hot or cold, cuts across age groups. No wonder the culture of coffeehouses is so prevalent in today’s time. While several popular coffee chains are international, this one coffeehouse has managed to strike a chord with Indians with its desi menu. Starbucks is a leading American coffeehouse chain that has created a huge market for itself in India.

Until now, most of the beverages and quick bites offered resonated more with the international consumer. From espressos to lattes and Americanos, the menu had all things foreign on the menu. However, this time, Starbucks is all set to enter the desi space by introducing Indian flavours to their range of options. The all-new desi menu at this coffeehouse chain would comprise popular Indian beverages like Masala Chai as well as Turmeric Latte.

Source: Shutterstock

While the former is a hot and flavourful tea in India, the latter is an Indianised version of latte. It is usually referred to as Haldi Wala Doodh and does not involve any caffeine. This drink is not just a tasty sip on a cold day but comes packed with the nutritional elements of turmeric too. Yet another concoction that is a staple in South India, filter coffee is also being added to the list of new Indian beverages. The special brewing technique is what makes this coffee garner so much love and attention.

The move by Starbucks comes in the wake of catering to the needs of the Indian consumer base. Apart from beverages, snacks like Chole Paneer Kulcha are also being added to the desi menu to satiate the street food loving nation. This idea would help the coffeehouse to adapt to the Indian taste and the first set of this menu is being launched in four cities, namely Bengaluru, Bhopal, Indore, and Gurugram.