Warm weather is yet to fully set in, but we are already feeling the heat. That’s Indian summer for you. The scorching heat won’t let us rest peacefully without a generous dose of refreshing beverages from time to time. Thankfully, Indian cuisines offer several options to keep us cool through the summer season. From the North Indian chaas to nimbu paani and sherbets, these refreshing drinks come to our rescue in no time and provide relief from the tiredness and fatigue of the entire day. With summers just arriving, we know you are trying your best to load up on some cool and refreshing drinks. We have something exciting for you. How about breaking the conventional rules of jumping straight into the usual drinks and trying something unique this summer? Yes, you heard it right and with culinary cultures as diverse as our country’s, it’s not very difficult to explore different flavours and tastes. Here’s a list of delicious and refreshing drinks from South India to add to your summer bucket list.

1. Panakam

It’s a popular drink savoured during Ram Navami and the initial days of summer. Sweetened with jaggery and spiced with dried ginger, panakam is all things delicious and revitalising. The use of fresh mint leaves for garnishing adds a punchy edge to the drink.

2. Sambaram

Sambaram is South India’s very own buttermilk. Made with simple spices, yoghurt and a tempering of curry leaves, ginger and mustard seeds, this watery and refreshing drink is one of the best beverages to load up on during scorchy summer days.

3. Ragi Ganji

The health effects of ragi are no more a secret affair. Filled with numerous health benefits, ragi is a superfood. And can we even doubt its effectiveness when it comes to a summer cooler? The nutritious and refreshing beverage is thick in consistency and is one of the most populars in South India.

4. Jigarthanda

A decadent cross between a falooda and a thick shake, jigarthanda is one of Madurai’s famous sweet dishes. It is believed that the Nawabs of Arcot had brought the dessert to Madurai. The cooling and decadent drink can provide you relief from the summer fatigue in a jiffy.