International Coffee Day: Try These 5 Indian Coffee Recipes To Celebrate The Day!
Image Credit: From filter coffee to bella kaapi, these Indian-style coffee blends are sure to blow away your minds!

Haven’t we all been to, or at least heard of, those first coffee dates, late night coffee sessions and the wake me up morning coffee tales? Well, seems like the beverage has helped us create some beautiful memories. The strong aroma of coffee beans being brewed at a distance are enough to give a pleasant vibe. I usually like to pair my coffee with something sweet like a slice of walnut cake or a donut. Trust me, the combination works wonders. Coming back to our coffee, did you know how this tradition of celebrating a coffee day began worldwide? Here’s how. 

What started out as a humble attempt in Japan for the first time in the year 1983 became a worldwide tradition by 2015 when the International Coffee Organisation in London declared 1st October to be celebrated as International Coffee Day across the globe. The essence of the day lies in the fact that it is an ode to the coffee farmers who undergo the tedious task of growing coffee beans and delivering us the best of them so that we can enjoy our cup of coffee. 

Whether you like it hot or cold, here are some amazing Indian coffees that you cannot miss on this special day. 

1. Bella Kaapi 

Head to Kerala and if you are not offered this bella kaapi, then you are definitely in the wrong place. A specialty of Coorg, this jaggery coffee is tasty and healthy at the same time. Essentially a black coffee made of ground roasted beans, jaggery is added to balance the bitterness of the concoction. 

2.  Tandoori Coffee 

After tandoori chai, we’ve got tandoori coffee for you. The traditional clay pot called kulhad, that is used for serving the coffee is actually roasted in the tandoor before pouring in the beverage. This process lends the coffee a lovely smoky flavour and aroma. 

3. Filter Coffee

The most renowned coffee of South India is this filter coffee. Quite prevalent even in the northern parts of the country today, this special coffee has a special utensil for it. The strainer has two parts; one where the coffee powder is added and the lower container where it seeps. This special technique of making coffee lends it a unique taste and stimulating aroma. 

4.  Chukku Kaapi 

Another hidden gem in South Indian beverages is this chukka kaapi or sukku kaapi. Infused with the goodness of dry ginger, this Tamilian style coffee is not only delicious but a soothing remedy for colds and coughs too. 

5. Hand-Beaten Coffee 

Do you remember the time when the world was going crazy over Dalgona coffee? We wish that people would have looked up a little before blindly following the trend. This was nothing but a Korean version of our home-made hand-beaten coffee that is quite common in north Indian households.