Man Calls Police 5 Times To Complain About Wife Not Cooking Mutton, 3 Recipes He Could’ve Tried
Image Credit: Pexels

Cravings can be both good or bad. But cravings that make you dial 100 instead of your local restaurant, can be dangerous, and land you in jail. A Hyderabad man, in his mid 20’s, was taken into custody for repeatedly calling police to lodge his bizarre complaint. The man, allegedly drunk, wanted to complain about his wife who refused to cook mutton for him.  

As per the police, the man called up the police as many as five times, on Friday night, after his wife reportedly denied cooking mutton curry for him. A case of nuisance was registered against the caller, and he was taken into custody on Saturday, he was later released with a warning.  

Mutton Sukka

A Mangalorean favourite, Mutton Sukka literally means, ‘dry mutton’. In here mutton pieces are fried with a gamut of masalas with minimal water to yield a fiery hot side dish in which the mutton is completely covered in the masalas. Replete with goodness of shallots, curry leaves, red chilli powder, ginger-garlic paste, green chillies and black pepper powder, this appetiser is one bold treat.  

Mutton Kari Dosa

The temple city of Madurai is known for its rich vegetarian fare, and on the other side of the spectrum is this Kari Dosa, which is a Dosa topped with heaps of fried mutton and ghee. A signature Konar dish, Kari Dosa is so rich you do not even need a plate of sambar to go with it, you can simply serve it hot with coconut chutney or any chutney of your choice, you can also serve it with gravy.  

Mutton Dalcha

Mutton Dalcha is yet another south Indian preparation that combines the goodness of mutton, lentils like Toor dal and chana dal and veggies like brinjal. Making it even more tropical and tangy, are the addition of tamarind and raw mango. This preparation has a thin, dal-like consistency, which makes it ideal to pair with rice.  

Do not lie, didn’t you drool just a bit? What are you waiting for? These dishes are much easier to prepare than you think. Try them soon and let us know which ones you liked the best.