Malaika Arora’s ‘Perfect Sunday’ Was All About Tea And Snacks
Image Credit: Malaika Arora/Instagram, She's got tea and croissants to enjoy her weekend.

The diva might be entering her 50s soon, but her fit and active personality and jaw-dropping physique tells us a different story. She manages to stay fit even after giving in to her indulgences time and again.

One important trait of Malaika that only her fans are aware of is that she is a big-time foodie. Recently, she was seen enjoying a cosy tea setup at home on a late Sunday afternoon. The silverware looked beautiful and she described it as a “perfect Sunday” in the caption. What else could be spotted in this picture she posted on her Instagram stories? We saw a cute kettle of tea with some croissants kept on a silver stand.

There’s a flower vase kept in the background and ceramic crockery placed on table mats. She even tagged the place where she got all this lovely silvery crockery from, and said that they made her Sunday perfect. In fact, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen her love for food and food setups. Just a few days ago, she prepared a romantic dinner at home for her boyfriend, actor Arjun Kapoor.

In that, we could see a table laden with Italian spread - including dishes like lasagna, spaghetti, and green salad. There were aromatic candles lit at the corner of the table, making it into a candle-light dinner. Her aesthetic sense about food arrangement and plating was totally on point, and the food obviously made us drool.