Malaika Arora's Local Cuisine In Sri Lanka

Actor, celebrity and judge, Malaika Arora wears many hats and one of them is that of being an absolute foodie! This glamourous personality is always seeking out delicious local and regional cuisines wherever she goes. Be it a plov in Baku or a helping of biryani, she is known for sharing her culinary explorations with her fans.

Malaika is currently in Sri Lanka and she has found some lovely local delicacies to relish in its capital city. In an Instagram story, she shared a picture of the delicious regional dish, hoppers, a bowl shaped pancake within which rests a soft, runny egg. 'When in Sri Lanka hoppers r a must,' she wrote.

The celebrated dancer has also been gorging on what appears to be a delicious crab curry during her visit to Colombo. Her culinary adventures also include a scrumptious thali made of a lovely conical dosa accompanied by chutneys, sambar, sweets and vegetables. 'N my love for Thalis continue..' she writes and rightly so, because this meal looks absolutely mouth watering.

Malaika seems to be enjoying some delicious local repasts while exuding sheer Barbie vibes in the pink dress she is flaunting while gearing up to co-host a pageant. Tell us in the comments below whether you enjoy hoppers and what your favourite kind of thali is!