Malaika Arora Fights Stomach Bug With Ayurvedic, Sattvik Food
Image Credit: Instagram/Malaika Arora

Monsoon is not only the season for amazing snacks and delicious food, but also a high risk of stomach ailments—and everyone needs to be cautious of it, including celebrities. But some, like Malaika Arora, know just how to treat and cure these monsoon stomach bugs and get back to optimal fitness as soon as possible. In a recent story on Instagram, Malaika Arora showed just how she is fighting off that monsoon stomach bug

Video Credit: YouTube/Authentic Kerala

Malaika Arora, though a fitness icon, is known to be a foodie who believes in eating right and clean. In her recent story on Instagram, she reveals that she is fighting off some stomach bug with the prefect food for the season. “Ayurvedic and sattvik khaana...perfect for that tummy bug,” she says in the story, while tagging Chef Marina Balakrishnan.  

The packed sattvik platter Malaika Arora is seen indulging in consists of plain rice mixed with Moru Kaachiyattu, a flavourful buttermilk-based gravy that aids digestion. On the side is what looks like a simple, coconut-laced Pumpkin Erissery and a Spinach and Moong Dal Thoran. Topped with a scrumptious-looking Podi, this meal by Chef Marina Balakrishnan looks delicious and we are convinced it is the perfect meal for monsoon. 

This plate of food also showcases another point that Malaika Arora is indirectly making. Not only is Malaika Arora fighting off the stomach bug with simply cooked sattvik food that is nutritious and healing, but also sourcing the food from one of the celebrated Mumbai food entrepreneurs who focuses entirely on cooking sattvik food based on Ayurvedic principles—thereby supporting a local small business. For those who don’t know, Chef Marina Balakrishnan is a Mumbai-based home chef and food entrepreneur behind the popular Oottupura.