How Their Yoga Practice Shaped These Celebrities' Diets
Image Credit: Instagram/@malaikaaroraofficial

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IN the world of celebrity fitness enthusiasts, there are many who are dedicated acolytes of yoga. For these individuals, yoga isn’t simply a physical workout: it’s a way of life and a mindset, one that determines what they prioritise, how they respond to situations… and of course, what they eat. On International Yoga Day 2023, we’re doing a quick check-in on the dietary practices of those who swear by yoga’s transformative power.

Kate Beckinsale 

While she does HIIT and cardio workouts six days a week, when she’s on set, Beckinsale makes it a point to incorporate regular yoga sessions into her routine. The actress credits her yoga practice as helping her avoid injuries and other physical damage when she’s working on action movies, performing stunts etc. Beckinsale also sets great store by the mental health benefits of the time she invests in her physical fitness — whether through yoga or a gym-run. So what does this yoga-crazy celebrity swear by in terms of her diet? No processed sugar. No refined carbs. Minimal alcohol intake. Clean eating. Protein and vegetables all the way. Beckinsale was also vegetarian for the better part of her life until she was advised to eat chicken and fish regularly to address her flagging energy levels.

Malaika Arora

When a celebrity declares that every day is International Yoga Day for them, you know they’re religious about their practice. Malaika Arora — who the above quote is attributed to — falls squarely into that category (or do we mean ‘lands gracefully’?). Arora’s diet is closely aligned with her yogic regimen. She begins her day with a cupful of the holy trinity that is hot water, ginger and lemon. Breakfast follows her morning yoga session, and she emphasises the “clean, healthy” aspects of it. What that translates into? Avocado toast, a green smoothie, baked eggs, sweet potato rosti, sauteed vegetables.

Jennifer Aniston

Kettlebell exercises and crunches may be her go-to for being fabulously fit, but Aniston is known to have been a self-professed yoga superfan since at least 2005. At her home gym, yoga mats are laid out carefully in a dedicated space, among the weights and other equipment. Her trainer once revealed that the FRIENDS star follows an intense yoga regimen — 30 minutes of spin, 40 minutes of yoga, followed by toning exercises: power yoga, vinyasa flow and yin yoga stretching. In terms of diet, processed foods and sweets are a no-no for Aniston. Instead, she ensures her food intake mainly comprises plenty of healthy fats, dairy, whole grains, nuts, seeds, proteins, vegetables and fruits. The actress was also known to follow the 16:8 intermittent fasting plan, and her breakfast is typically coffee, celery juice and/or a fruit smoothie. Salmon, avocado and leafy greens are her staples of choice.

Shilpa Shetty

Never skip breakfast. That’s a dictum yoga aficionado and fitness queen Shilpa Shetty swears by. Her breakfast sounds incredibly wholesome: fruit (apples, or mangoes when in season), almond/soy milk, porridge (overnight soaked oats), 2-3 eggs (boiled, poached or scrambled). Sometimes she introduces a piece of sourdough or avocado toast, pomegranate and chia seeds into the mix. Brown rice paired with protein (chicken or fish), a salad, and multi-grain roti form the mainstay of lunch. Chikki satiates any pesky sweet cravings. Soup (chicken or vegetable), grilled veggies — had latest by 7.30 pm — finish her day. On Shetty’s no-go list: aerated drinks, white sugar and fried foods.

Nathalie Emmanuel 

The Game of Thrones actress isn’t just a yoga practitioner — she’s a full-fledged teacher. Over the years, she’s spoken of the impact yoga has had on her personal growth and journey, especially when she needed to rethink her approach to fitness. She changed her relationship with exercise to achievement/capability-related goals — for instance, being able to do a pincha pose (aka the ‘feathered peacock’) during her yoga sessions — rather than her measurements. And food was a vital part of this new mindset. A vegan, Emmanuel’s meal of choice after a yoga session includes quinoa, greens, veggies and beans. She eats a stir fry when she has the time, or else makes do with a vegan shake. 

Nathalie Emannuel's image via Instagram/@nathalieemmanuel