Malaika Arora’s Kerala Sadhya-Style Lunch Is Making Us Drool
Image Credit: Malaika is a self-confessed foodie. Image: Instagram Malaika Arora

South Indian food is as expansive as the region itself, and each delicacy speak volumes about the richness of the cuisine. Be it Karnataka’s sambar or rasam and pachadi, Andhra’s chicken curry, Hyderabad’s biryani or Kerala’s meen curry, there is simply too much to savour at once. But talk of the vegetarian fare from Kerala and Sadhya is the perfect way to enjoy several delicious delicacies in one meal. And it seems like Malaika Arora knows it the best. With her roots in Kerala thourgh her maternal side, Malaika is seen savouring south Indian food more often than not. A self-confessed foodie, Malaika has often revealed how she loves the cuisine from Kerala.  

So, when she was recently caught enjoying an authentic Kerala-style meal, we weren't surprised. In fact, we craved some too! Taking to her Instagram stories, Malaika shared a couple of pictures of her meal on set, and thanked her friends for the same. Take a look: 

Malaika's Kerala Sadhya-style meal.

Doesn’t it look absolutely yummy!? Her Kerala Sadhya-style lunch included a variety of traditional dishes such as Koottukari, Aviyal, Rasam, Pachadi, Thoran, sambar, rice and appalam among others. The first picture, on her Instagram Stories, shows the said dishes in different boxes, and her plate filled with the dishes. She used the hashtag "Kerala on my plate" to express her joy. 

In the next picture, Malaika took a selfie of herself with her packed plate, showing off her scrumptious platter. She wrote, "Thank you Kanupriya and Anirudh Iyer for pampering me with this yummy Keralite meal on set." She added two hashtags along with it "Way to my heart" and "Truly a mallu."   

Malaika posted another picture with her meal.

Malaika’s meal on set has made us super hungry and looking at her platter, we are craving Sadhya-like meal as well. Want to recreate at home? Here's how you can get some of Malaika's favourite dishes from Kerala at home: 

1. Rasam 

This is one South Indian comfort food we are never getting over. A lot of pepper, goodness of tomatoes and spices make this spicy delicacy a must try. One can enjoy it with rice or even have it simply like soup. Rasam during winter season is simply magical. 

2. Pachadi 

Pachadis are integral to south Indian cuisine, and are very famous across south Indian region. People in South Indian homes prepare many kinds of pachadis and savour them with their regular meals. Here is a pineapple pachadi recipe which brings about a unique blend of sweet and sour flavours. 


3. Avial

Think of food from Kerala, and avial is one of the first dishes to come to mind. A comforting dish that you can make using a variety of vegetables like raw banana, ash gourd, drumsticks, yam and coconut, avial is exactly what you need for a quick, wholesome meal.  

4. Paal Payasam 

Payasam is basically a pudding made with rice, milk, sugar and ghee along with a variety of other ingredients including nuts and dry fruits. In a Kerala feast, payasam is a must.