Malaika Arora’s Got A Home-Cooked Asian Meal On Her Mind
Image Credit: Malaika Arora/Instagram, The actress tries a Chinese recipe shared by her friend.

While many may think that celebrities like to dine out, there are a few like Malaika Arora who are home-cooked food lovers. Be it on her shoots or while travelling from one place to another, Malaika swears by homemade food. However, she’s also a big-time foodie who cannot resist the sight of delectable treats. Her recent cooking adventure is a proof of just that. 

Malaika is quite active on her Instagram stories, sharing tid bits of her life with her followers. The 48-year-old actress is known for her fashion sense and fitness regime. What intrigues us more is her ability to maintain herself after giving into her cravings. Her weekend binge got her into the kitchen to make some lip-smacking Chinese. 

On her spread, we saw a bowl full of fried rice, topped with a fried egg and garnished with spring onions. Next, there was a meaty dish kept beside it which look like manchurian or meatballs. Garnished with chopped red chillies, spring onions and sesame seeds, the thick gravy looks absolutely delicious. She captioned it saying, “#homemade” and we aren’t surprised. 

Chinese Meal

She even thanked her friend @delnazd in the caption for sharing the recipe with her. Seems like Malaika has become quite the chef with her recent attempt at cooking. Earlier too, we’ve seen her gorge on authentic Goan thalis when in the city. Then, when she was back from one of her vacations, we saw her eating bhindi, dal and rice and she deemed it as her comfort food. 

Not just this, the actress also likes to cook for friends and family. Recently, she prepared a lavish North Indian meal for her friend, comprising of vegetarian curries and dry subzis along with rice and lentils. The meal looked very wholesome and filling. Another interesting fact about her foodie side is that she loves to indulge in sattvik and basic meals too. Her trip to the Himalayas with sister and mother earlier this year is proof of the same.