Malaika Arora’s Dessert Indulgence Is Making Us Drool
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Don’t we have those moments when we suddenly crave something sweet? Be it after a hearty meal or just in between work. And even on days when we are stressed. We have all been there. And it seems like Malaika Arora agrees too. It’s no secret that is a big-time foodie, who loves to indulge in a host of delicacies. And not just indulge, but also makes it a point to share them with her fans and followers. 

Be it her lavish meals in Paris with actor Arjun Kapoor, decadent desserts of puddings and tarts, or a simple comfort food of homemade khichdi, the actress surely knows her way around food. And in her latest indulgence, the fitness freak and fashionista is revealing a lot about her sweet tooth. Malaika posted about her sweet indulgence, and this yummy dessert is making us drool with just one sight. 

Taking to Instagram, Malaika posted a boomerang video that shows a box of tiramisu. Perfectly covered with cocoa powder, the Italian dessert looks every bit decadent. In the story, Malaika wrote, “I miss my tiramisu”. Take a look at the story here:

Looks super delicious, doesn’t it? A classic dessert from Italy, tiramisu’s origins are often debated. While some specialists in Italian cuisine believe that Tuscany may have been the origin of this delicacy, others credit Ado Campeol, better known as the ‘Father of Tiramisu’ for the invention. As per the story, Campeol’s restaurant Le Beccherie was the first to come up with a decadent concoction of espresso-coated biscuits, topped with mascarpone cheese and finished with cocoa powder. In fact, the word Tiramisu comes from the Treviso dialect, ‘Tireme su’,  and in Italian it means ‘pick me up’ which refers to the two primary caffeinated ingredients in the dessert- cocoa and coffee.  

Tiramisu is one of those dessert recipes that you can find at any restaurant, café, or bakery. And if Malaika’s story has made you crave some right now, you can make it at home too. We have the perfect tiramisu recipe right here.