Malaika Arora Enjoys A Quirky Dining Experience In Mumbai
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

If there’s one celebrity who never fails to make us slurp and crave good food, it has to be Malaika Arora. The Bollywood diva is a self-confessed foodie, who doesn't shy away from eating a hearty meal whenever she has the opportunity. While her envious physique may give you an impression that Malaika is someone who adheres to a strict diet of healthy food all the time, you may be wrong. In fact, she likes to strike a balance between indulging and maintaining a fitness routine.

While she prefers clean eating on most days, Malaika also loves to eat delicious and wholesome food whenever she can. And she makes sure to share her foodie adventures with her fans and followers of over 16 million on Instagram. From her homemade food shenanigans to her vacation grub, we love to see Malaika indulging in good food. 

In her latest Instagram stories, Malaika took us through her exotic and luxurious dinner at a restaurant in Mumbai. And the pictures are making us crave. She first shared a picture of a gol gappa, placed on a pedestal and topped with what seems to be a papad shaped in the form of a butterfly, looking quite interesting. Next, we saw what looked like a vegetable pate placed on a plate, looking absolutely wholesome and yummy with edible flowers, veggies, and sauces atop.  


Malaika also shared a beautiful concept at the restaurant, where they had placed dishes, spices, condiments, and certain ingredients on the map of India, referring to where these are most commonly used. So, you can find sambar in South India and butter in Punjab, and so on. Intriguing, isn’t it? “What a concept”, wrote Malaika on the picture, tagging Tresind Mumbai. Take a look:

Doesn’t it look every bit amazing? We are sure Malaika had a great time, and a happy tummy for sure. Given how she is always on the lookout to try something new, the restaurant must have impressed her. Recently, Malaika was also seen enjoying a desi feast with her team on the set. She gorged on sabudana khichdi, while the spread also featured luscious brown curries, yellow lentils, pulaos, salad, rotis, and boiled rice. Given that Navratri season is ongoing, Malaika seems to be enjoying it to the fullest.