Malaika Arora Enjoys Mumbai Rains With This Crunchy Spiral Snack
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

There’s no doubt that Malaika Arora is one of the most popular celebrities on social media. The Bollywood diva never misses a chance to give us a peek into her day-to-day activities, especially when it comes to her fitness and foodie indulgence. While her envious physique is an inspiration to many, her foodie adventures can make anyone drool. 

If you follow Malaika on social media, you would know how the 48-year-old often indulges in delicious meals and snacks. And no, she isn’t just into fancy Parisian meals that we saw her gushing over while on a vacation. She finds immense comfort in simple Indian meals and snacks too, and loves homemade food, especially if it is South Indian

Malaika has her roots in the southern part of the country, and she enjoys the food from the region a lot. Recently, the diva was seen relishing a staple South Indian snack for breakfast, while enjoying the Mumbai rains. Taking to her Instagram stories, Malaika shared a picture of a plate full of crispy and crunchy murukku. Take a look: 

“This weather calls for murukku for brekkie”, Malaika wrote in the picture, along with a heart emoji. The weather indeed is the best time to enjoy this snack. For the unversed, murukku is a South Indian snack, which originated in Tamil Nadu. It is a deep-fried snack that gets its name from its shape of concentric, slightly twisted circles. The word murukku translates to ‘twisted’ in Tamil, and the snack indeed has got a unique appearance which intrigues many.  

Made with rice flour and urad dal, this crunchy snack is considered not just a regular tea-time companion. It is also a special festive treat in South India. For instance, many households prepare fresh murukkus during Diwali. In fact, the preparation also varies within the region. Usually seasoned with salt and spices, at times, you might also find flavours like sesame seeds or vegetable paste. If Malaika’s crunchy breakfast has made you crave some murukku too, we’ve got the perfect recipe right here