Lips & Hips Don’t Lie: Malaika Arora Says After A Desi Feast
Image Credit: Malaika Arora/Instagram, The actor loves desi food like no other.

Malaika Arora is often in the news. Her fans and followers are either talking about her gorgeous looks and fitness regime or her cravings and foodie indulgence. The Bollywood diva never shies away from expressing her love for food and her social media posts and stories are proof of that.

Recently, Malaika shared a picture of a boy on set, holding a dabba. It had sabudana khichdi in it and the actor wrote, “Best sabudana khichdi ever”, and tagged him too. Later, we saw the entire team having dinner together and it was truly a feast. While initially we thought that the sabudana khichdi was a Navratri treat, it turned out that she was just prepping for an elaborate meal right after.

Packed in a variety of plates and dabbas, it seems like everyone on the team had got home-cooked food and were enjoying a shared meal. The table was full of luscious brown curries, yellow lentils, pulaos, salad, rotis, and boiled rice. There were dahi bhallas too in the corner. While we were given a tour of the menu and shown around, we spotted Malaika busy enjoying the hearty feast and grabbing rotis. We also noticed that most plates were covered with a banana leaf. When caught on camera, she gave a smirk and hid her face. On this, she wrote, “Our lips and hips don’t lie”.

Next, we saw her filming her makeup artist on set who had brought such delicious food for her. When asked, she remarked that she had come on set only for food and they joked about starting a catering service too. Malaika thanked everyone who got food for them last night and tagged them on the story too. While this is just one instance of the actor’s indulgence, we know how Malaika craves home-cooked food.

Whenever she is back from vacation, you’d find her digging into bhindi, dal, roti, and other simple bites for her meals. In fact, earlier this year, she even took a trip to the Himalayas with her mother and sister for a detox, and we found her enjoying sattvic meals throughout their stay there. Malaika also loves to indulge in regional cuisines whenever she’s travelling - like the time when she was enjoying an authentic Goan thali during a trip.