These Desi Beverages Are Better Than Expensive Protein Shakes
Image Credit: Sattu Sharbat/unsplash

All potential fitness enthusiasts know the importance of having a healthy body. While some choose to hit gyms, some have reconsidered their food choices and changed their eating habits and diet regime. People have started including more protein-rich foods in their meals and are much more important part of their meal is protein shakes.

Many of us end up buying protein powders that are way too costly. But you would be pleased to know that there are some desi and traditional Indian drinks that would give those protein powders a run for their money. Besides, these are even healthier than the protein shakes or powders that we buy from stores. These nourishing beverages have a healthy dose of many minerals and nutrients. Wanna know what are those? Have a look.

Ragi Malt

Ragi or finger millet is hands down, one of the healthiest superfoods we know. It is packed with protein and is far more nutritious than other pulses and legumes. Simple ragi malt is best for those people who would like to avoid meat as a source of protein. This drink is perfect for children as well as adults. 

Badam Ragda

Badam Ragda is a drink of pehalwans, we must say. Made with cashews, almonds, rose petals, fennel seeds, poppy seeds, cardamom, and other healthy ingredients, this drink is best known to those who hail from Haryana. First, all these ingredients are converted into a paste and the paste is then consumed with cold milk. Since we told you that this is a drink of pehalwans, we need not tell you how beneficial it is. 

Sattu Sharbat

Sattu is roasted chana dal powder which is used as flour and is used in several dishes. Sattu drink is made of this flour and is a mix of slightly sweet and tangy sharbat which is highly beneficial for the body. It offers not only protein but a high content of fiber, iron, calcium, and manganese as well. Besides, it is an excellent cooler considered best for hot afternoons. Some studies have claimed that sattu sharbat also helps in weight loss and is good for diabetics as well.

Dry fruit shake

We all know that dry fruits offer so many health benefits as they are packed with proteins and a lot of nutrients. A glass of dry fruit shake helps in keeping the stomach full and keeps hunger alarms at bay. They also aid in weight loss and boost immunity. For those who are vegan, can swap the animal milk with soy milk, or almond milk as per their choice.

Next time, before rushing toward your expensive protein powders, try these desi drinks and let us know what you like the most!