Five Desi Drinks To Recharge Yourself This Summer

With the arrival of March, we all get to know that the wrath of Indian summers is just about to begin. However, if there’s anything that can make you fall in love with Indian summers, it’s the assortment of fruits and veggies that are the season’s specialties. Starting from bright mangoes to fleshy jackfruits, the markets will be full with the season’s bounties in less than a month from now. Vendors selling cold and refreshing beverages will also take to the streets to help quench our thirsts and rejuvenate us. Needless to say, the joy that comes with quenching our thirsts with beverages from these street vendors after a long, sweaty and tiring day is surely unparalleled. As summers are almost here, we don’t want to be tired and thirsty anymore. So, we have curated five desi drinks that you can count on to refresh yourself this summer.

1. Aam Panna

Mangoes are undoubtedly one of the summer’s best bounties. And with the arrival of summers, most Indian homes begin preparing for ‘kaccha aam’ delicacies. One of these is aam panna. Made with kaccha aam, sugar, spices and cold water, aam panna is an OG summer cooler that has never failed to recharge us during summers.

2. Lassi

The North Indian beverage that has kept us hooked to it for ages now is a delightful drink to have during summers. The yogurt-based drink is perfect to have at any time of the day: be it for breakfast with parathas or as a mid-day drink.

3. Jaljeera

Who doesn’t love licking jaljeera straight out of the packet? Come summers and this delightful spice powder mixed with cold water is one of the best things to load up on. Its punchy flavours and health benefits make jaljeera one of the country’s favourite summer drinks.

4. Sattu Sharbat

The Indian superfood ‘sattu’ is surely a great idea to rejuvenate yourself during unbearable summer days. Simply made with sattu flour, sugar and water, sattu sharbat is a precious gift from Bihar that will not only quench your thirst but also fill you with essential nutrients.

5. Ganne Ka Ras

Watching fresh sugarcane juice or ganne ka ras being made on a roadside stall on a scorching summer day is surely delightful. The cooling drink with immense nutritional properties is a great option to load up on during summers. Adding some black salt and lemon juice to fresh sugarcane juice will not only elevate the taste but will also fill you up with some vitamin C.