Malai To Kheer: 5 Teej-Special Ghewar Recipes To Try
Image Credit: Ghewar is a popular Teej dessert.

Teej is a very special day for married Hindu women in many parts of the country. Women observe a fast throughout the day for the long life and well-being of their husbands as well as for a happy and joyous life ahead. While the fasting foods are quite similar to that of Navratri, with sabudana and kuttu being used as alternatives, it is the sweets platter that makes one drool.

Since ghewar is a quintessential monsoon dessert, it makes it ideal for Teej celebrations that take place during the same time too. For the unversed, ghewar is a rich and sweet cake that is made with ghee and flour. The disc-shaped mithai is dipped in sugar syrup and set. The honeycomb-like texture on top of the ghewar is what makes it so unique.

This Teej, try these recipes at home to make ghewar in different ways.  

1.   Rabdi Ghewar

What happens when two different sweets come together to form a different dessert? An overload of sweetness, for sure. While rabdi is a creamy and thick mixture that is made by thickening milk mixed with sugar, the hard exterior of ghewar complements this really well. Once ghewar is made, pour the freshly-made rabdi over it and garnish with rose petals and pistachios.  

2.  Chocolate Ghewar  

For all the chocolate lovers, you needn’t be disheartened this Teej. We’ve got a delicious chocolate-flavoured ghewar recipe for you. All you have to do is prepare the ghewar the usual way and drizzle loads of chocolate syrup on top once it is ready. Heat it a little so that the chocolate syrup seeps into the ghewar and enjoy the sweet flavours.  

3.   Malai Ghewar

This is one of the most classic recipes of ghewar that is usually made during Teej. The chunky and juicy layers of the ghee-laden ghewar are finished off with a generous pouring of malai. For the uninitiated, malai is a kind of clotted cream that is used for making a variety of desserts and a few savoury dishes too. This adds creaminess to the hard ghewar.  

4.  Kheer Ghewar

This combination is very specific to the region of Rajasthan and may not be commonly found elsewhere. The ghewar is a hard and ghee-rich dessert. To balance the richness, a creamy rice-based kheer is prepared. A milk and rice pudding, flavoured with pistachios, almonds and elaichi powder, the ghewar is dipped in the cold kheer and enjoyed. 

5.   Ghewar Tiramisu

A fusion of desi and videshi flavours, this ghewar tiramisu combination is a must-try. The coffee-flavoured tiramisu is soft, creamy and aromatic. Along with this, ghewar is paired which serves as a dipping element. The creaminess of tiramisu with the crunchiness of ghewar is a delightful sweet meat that one cannot miss.