The festival of Hariyali Teej is just around the corner and we can’t help but think about the decadent honeycomb sweet Ghewar, without which a Teej celebration is incomplete. The festival is an auspicious occasion that falls in the month of Shravan or Sawan as per the Hindu calendar. It is regarded as important for married couples, as according to Hindu mythology, this was the time when Goddess Parvati reunited with Lord Shiva. People from Northern and Western India celebrate it by praying for their spouse's long-life and happiness. Women apply henna, dress up and gather around for some folklores and songs. They also play around swings as a tradition.  

Ghewar is one of the primary sweets consumed and gifted during the festival. It has a delightful sugary crispy honeycomb-like structure with a hole in the centre and creamy malai on top. It is only available during the monsoon season. Why you ask? It is said that the moisture content in the air during the rany season helps the formation of the sweet and is thus only available during Teej up until Rakhi. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? 

While in Rajasthan, ghewar is a regular sight, it is the people of Delhi and oneighbouring regions who crave for it but may miss out on authentic flavour. Fret not, we’ve got seven of the best places where you can relish ghevar from! 

1. Evergreen 

A popular hotspot for everything from kaju katli to rajma chawal, Evergreen Sweets with its chain across Delhi including one in Green Park has us drooling around festive season. Don’t miss the variety of ghewar here.


2. Bengali Sweet House 

Popular for its chaat, Bengali Sweet House in Bengali market is a personal favourite for unique mithais. The malai ghewar here is a its decadent best.


3. Kishan Lal Halwai 

Even if you aren’t a Delhiite, you would know the charm of Old Delhi. The place is a foodie’s heaven and sweets are an integral part of it. From Karachi Halwa to barfis, rabdi and ghewar, Kishan Lal Halwai at Nai Sarak, Chandni Chowk is a must-visit. 

4. Kaleva 

It’s a personal favoruite for best Dahi Bhallas in town, but Kaleva has a lot to offer! Located in Gole Market, in the heart of the city, one bite into the sinful honeycomb sweet from this place and you’ll experience bliss! 

5. Kanwarji 

I honestly didn’t know about the other sweets this age-old place in Chandni Chowk has to offer, besides halwa son ki tikia which, thanks to my mother I’ve come to love. But Kanwarij has a drool-worthy variety of ghewar with different toppings including kesar, badam and much more.


6. Hira Sweets 

This is a popular chain of sweet shops that needs no introduction. Hira Sweets has a range of ghewar options that come in all flavours and sizes. You haven’t tried anything if you haven’t tried malai ghewar here.  

7. Gulab 

If you’ve ever explored the morth-west Delhi, you would know Gulab. One of the best sweet shops around, Gulab is sure to impress you with its crispy base of ghewar and a melt in mouth malai topping! 

Happy Teej!