Lucknow’s Street Vendor's Special Bun Chole Video Goes Viral

We have completely understood the power of social media, and a lot of us use it as a medium to share our views and talents. This also applies to our food businesses. Many chefs and vendors create their unique recipes in front of the camera and get appreciated for their skills and dishes. Every day, we can find some unique recipes from across the world that go viral on the internet. Recently, a street vendor in Lucknow has been gaining popularity for his special bun chole. Here is the video. Take a look:

Bun and chole are important ingredients in Indian food but are usually not paired together. Buns are used as a base in a variety of dishes like vada pav, burgers, and pav bhaji, while chole is a wholesome meal that goes well with rice, roti, puri, kulcha, and bhature. In the video, the vendor starts preparing his unique dish by adding some spicy cooked chole to a big bowl, followed by a special masala and a spoonful of sour chutney. He combines them properly and transfers them onto a paper plate.

Then he takes a sweet bun and cuts it into two halves. The chole mixture is spread on the first half of the bun with some crispy papad and sweet and tangy chutneys. To enhance the flavours, he tops the bun chole with a pinch of masala, a few drops of lemon juice, and a chopped salad containing onions, tomatoes, and fresh coriander leaves. Then he covers it with the top part of the bun and serves it to the customers. This bun chole only costs Rs. 25 and looks delicious.

His shop is said to be near Gomti Hotel in Hazratganj, Lucknow, and he also sells other special street foods like dal puri and aloo matar chaat. The video was posted on YouTube by the account @bhukkaddillike and has gotten more than 30k likes. The comment section is divided into two parts: a few of them are excited to try this dish, while the rest are still having second thoughts about it. So, if you happen to be in Lucknow right now, give this bun chole a try and tell us how it was.