Viral: Kolkata’s Vendor Sells Jackie Chan Style Samosa Muri
Image Credit: Romi's Recipe/facebook

Indian snacks and street foods are very popular all over the world. With their delicious taste and unique flavours, they have stolen the heart of every foodie. In India, we also love experimenting with our traditional snacks. So many recipe videos have become popular and even street vendors try to bring out some unique and quirky dishes to impress their customers. Recently, a video is going viral where a street vendor is selling Jackie Chan style samosa muri. Here is the video take a look. 

Video Credits-@indianfoodvlogs/Youtube

Many Instagram accounts and YouTube channels have shared this video, where the vendor is creating a yummy snack with samosa and puffed rice. Both samosa and puffed rice are popular snacks in our country. Samosa is made with all-purpose flour and a savoury potato filling that is mostly served with a tangy and spicy green and tamarind chutney. While puffed rice is used in preparing a well-known street food called “jhal muri”. The popularity of this video states that this snack is worth trying once. 

In the viral video, a street vendor in Kolkata is seen preparing samosa muri in a very unique way which the people are referring to as “Jackie Chan style”. His hands are moving fast and uniformly, and he is preparing the dish in very little time. His stall is said to be near Faltu Tea Centre in Bentinck Street, Kolkata. The vendor starts by roughly breaking three samosas in a container followed by puffed rice, sev and peanuts.  

To make it tastier, he has also added a few cubes of boiled potatoes along with chopped onions and tomatoes. For seasoning he is using salt, chillies, special masala, a teaspoon of mustard oil and lemon juice. He has also added three varieties of chutney including green chutney to enhance the flavour of samosa muri. There are more than 90k likes and 2.3k comments. People are not only astonished by this recipe but are also appreciating him for his fast-working skills. Would you like to try this recipe? Let us know.