Low-Calorie Sandwiches For Lunch: 5 Quick And Easy Recipes
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Tired of thinking about ways to eat healthy? No time to make elaborate lunches during the day? Fret not, because we’ve found the perfect solution for you. A sandwich can be your saviour and help you prepare a healthy lunch. Now, you might be wondering how is that possible. Well, there are plenty of ways to make low-calorie sandwiches. 

From hummus to avocado, healthy ingredients like these not only keep calories in check but also ensure that you get immense nutrition from your lunch. Ready in a jiffy, with bread, some spread and stuffing, sandwiches can also be packed and carried to office for lunch. Here are a few recipes to try right away. 

1.  Chicken Pita Pockets 

These Greek-style sandwiches ensure that your lunch calorie intake is below 300. The pita pockets are whole wheat, while the stuffing is a healthy mix of chicken pieces, paprika, thyme and olive oil. Add some coleslaw for a creamy touch and wrap it up to devour for lunch. They are best eaten cold. 

2.  Toasted Hummus Vegetable Sandwich 

A little less than 200 calories, this one is a crunchy and creamy treat. The star of the sandwich is hummus. For the unversed, it is a creamy Mediterranean dip made with soaked chickpeas and a few spices. The hummus acts as a sandwich spread, which is topped with onions, capsicum, broccoli and other crunchy veggies. This is quite filling and tasty. 

3.   Avocado And Egg Salad Sandwich 

This is a breakfast and lunch favourite sandwich recipe. The eggs are boiled and chopped into pieces. The mayonnaise is substituted by avocados. Guacamole lends a creamy touch to the eggs, mixed with chives and celery. This is then spread on a multi-grain bread and enjoyed to the core. 

4.  Grilled Chicken And Spinach Quesadilla 

Quesadillas are Mexican-style sandwiches that one can make for lunch. All you have to do is grilled chicken strips and slice the spinach into pieces. The tortilla used for quesadillas should be whole wheat and stuffed with chicken and spinach. This is an iron-rich, healthy lunch with less than 100 calories. 

5.  Carrot And Apple Sandwich 

This double-decker sandwich can satiate all your lunch cravings. Take whole wheat bread and slice it into two halves. Spread a grated carrot and cheese mix on one half and top it with another one that is layered with apple pieces. Finish with a last slice of bread and enjoy this nutritious fruit and vegetable sandwich.